DANGEROUS: Trudeau’s Weakness On Returning ISIS Fighters Puts The Canadian People At Risk

The most important job of the government is to protect the security of Canadians. By refusing to take strong steps against returning ISIS fighters, Trudeau is putting Canadians in serious potential danger.

There is growing anger and outrage after reports revealed that the Trudeau government is failing to take the same steps as other countries against returning ISIS fighters – and is instead talking about “reintegration support.”

Even as our closest Western allies take steps to eliminate ISIS fighters overseas and stop them from ever returning, the Trudeau government is seemingly opening the door and putting political correctness above security.

As a result, it is now clear that Justin Trudeau’s weakness is putting Canadians in danger.

Despite the fact that other countries clearly see the danger, including a top U.K. minister who said “I’m afraid we have to be serious about the fact these people are a serious danger to us, and unfortunately the only way of dealing with them will be, in almost every case, to kill them,” the Trudeau government refuses to act.

The danger of virtue-signalling

Rather than just the usual absurdity, this is virtue-signalling from Trudeau that is reaching a dangerous level.

Trudeau’s “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian,” BS is now informing his policies on security, meaning he puts good law-abiding citizens at risk in order to make people who fought for a horrifically brutal terrorist group feel comfortable back within our borders.

In a sane world, this would disqualify Justin Trudeau from remaining in office, because the first job of government is to protect law-abiding citizens. By taking actions that could expose Canadians to serious danger, Trudeau is failing in his job as Prime Minister.

If we do not have security as a nation, nothing else matters. If our streets become death-traps, and terrorist attacks become more common, we won’t be a free nation anymore.

Countries like France and the U.K. are taking tougher steps, because they have already seen the horrible death toll inflicted by Jihadists. As a result, they aren’t naive or dumb enough to think that welcoming ISIS fighters will do anything other than bring more death and terror.

Meanwhile, Trudeau acts as if returning ISIS fighters just need to watch one of his speeches and they’ll instantly change their worldview to become kind and loving pacifists releasing doves into the air while singing “kumbaya.”

We know that’s not how it works.

Whether we like it or not, the world can be a tough and brutal place, and only by taking strong action can we defend our country and our people. If Trudeau doesn’t understand that, he has no right to serve as the leader of our great nation.

Spencer Fernando

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A Baker

This Liberal Government needs to end now not in 2019 .

Dennis R Young

Well said Spencer. And while these returning ISIS fighters represent a real danger to police and a threat to public safety, the Trudeau Government spends more than $50 million a year tracking the whereabouts of two million law-biding gun owners who are a threat to no one.

Thanks for this report, Dennis

Dennis R. Young
Honourary Life Member of the CSSA and the NFA
Member of the Calgary RCMP Veterans Association
Website: http://www.dennisryoung.ca

Sherrie Legault

Reintegration, this is insane! The Liberals need to get out now!


When these ISIS terrorists are allowed back into Canada by trudeau, it will sound the Death Knell of trudeau’s political career. The sound of the bell is getting closer.


What steps need to be taken to remove Trudeau and his party from governing the wonderful Canada we once felt safe in?


Take him & Liberals of his pedestal!

Wendy Lush

We don’t want them re-integrated. We want them dead. And why not, they mean to harm us.

A great option, if applicable, would be to strip their citizenship and expel them. But our hopelessly naive Prime Minister wants the hug-a-thug approach, just like his father did.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m avoiding jam-packed shopping malls and the subway at rush hour.

This is not the Canada I grew up in.


How we, Canadians are allowing this to happen. Why is Trudeau still PM and in charge of our lifes?

joseph dore

Katrina what is wrong with us Canadians ?why are sitting back and letting this carry on ,how did the whole Liberal Cabinet get so brain washed by a leader who is absolute traitor to our country and so obvious about it WHY ???


We, Canadians just talk, not much actions. JT can make us “cross the bridge thirsty”.

olaf schreiber

i would like to say as a fully employed taxpayer of roughly 40 years i have witnessed a lot stupid decisions by various governments but none that has put us in harms way like trudeau has you can”t fix stupid i would propose if are citizens are killed by this stupidity he should be held responsible i think he has already drank the isis cool aid 2019 cannot come quick enough