FAIL: Host Nation Of Climate Conference Refuses To Join McKenna’s Anti-Coal Crusade

Germany refuses to join Catherine McKenna’s effort to destroy the coal industry.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s anti-coal crusade had an embarrassing public relations failure in Bonn, Germany.

As the hosts of the climate conference, Germany refused to sign on to the elitist effort to end the coal industry being pushed by Catherine McKenna and the foolish UK government.

McKenna signed up 20 countries to end coal usage by 2030, in a total betrayal of the coal industry and coal workers.

Yet, among the biggest coal users in the world, (India, China, U.S., and Germany), the pledge was not supported.

That’s most ironic in the case of Germany, which was the host of the COP23 Climate Conference where all this virtue-signalling took place:

As noted by, “Germany, in turn, which for years has been seen as a world leader in the fight against carbon emissions and pollution, still gets 40% of its energy from coal, a larger share than most other European countries, data from Eurostat show. The reality is so despite the Angela Merkel’s administration has invested billions in renewable energy and it means that Germany will miss its goal of cutting 40% of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Currently, official figures show that number is likely to fall to little more than 30%.”

So, despite how often the Merkel government moves towards political correctness, even they drew a clear line against the destruction of the coal industry. As a result, the German government is protecting the jobs of their workers, unlike the efforts of Trudeau and McKenna to destroy Canadian jobs in the coal industry.

It’s an embarrassment to the Trudeau government and it just goes to show how much damage they are doing to our country. After all is said and done, the biggest coal users will keep using coal, while Canadian coal industry workers will pay the price for McKenna’s pathetic virtue-signalling.

Spencer Fernando

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