PATHETIC: Trudeau Government Calls Jihadis “Returning Foreign Terrorist Travellers”

When it comes to the security of Canadians, there’s no room for absurd political correctness.

The more people hear about it, the more people are outraged by the dangerously weak policy of the Trudeau government towards ISIS fighters returning to Canada.

That outrage extends to the pathetic political correctness the government is using to refer to Islamic State fighters who are seeking to return to Canada.

Here’s what Trudeau government spokesman said Dan Brien (obviously using PMO approved talking points), when asked about Canada’s policies on ISIS fighters coming back to the country:

“Returning foreign terrorist travellers and their families, specifically women and children, require the appropriate disengagement and reintegration support.”

While the “reintegration support,” is the most disturbing part, the fact that the government is trying to “rebrand” dangerous Jihadis as “returning foreign terrorist travellers” is absurd.

This is disgracefully manipulative wording by the Trudeau government. These people weren’t sightseeing in a place terrorism happened to occur. They were actively fighting on behalf of a brutal terrorist organization.

It unfortunately fits with a troubling pattern of the Trudeau government prioritizing political correctness above all else, and seeking to downplay what is a real threat to the Canadian people. After all, other countries are trying to eliminate Jihadis before they can return, while the Trudeau government seems most worried about sounding “nice.”

This is a pathetic and dangerous level of political correctness, and it reveals that the government simply isn’t taking the security of Canadians seriously.

Spencer Fernando

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The Trudo is bringing his renamed Islamist terrorists back to Canada. Based on past performance, they will be handed free parkas and multi-million dollar cheques which will help them rent trucks. All the while, Trump has negotiated a massive multi-billion dollar CNG deal with China for Alaska natural gas which helps China cut down on pollution.

Trudeau is infatuated with and possibly has a fetish for Muslim terrorists and clearly hates Canadians. Trump meanwhile is Making America Great Again.


People should realize the Liberals and Trudeau are Terrorist symapathizers . Just always claims he a feminist but is a big liar. What he’s really doing is tricking everyone so he can push his agenda for his cult. Wake up Canada once he gave Terrorists back their Citizenship it said everything there was about Trudeau .


Ex-Muslim Woman Calls Trudeau A Traitor To Canada In His Presence.


Ex-Muslim Sandra Solomon on How Justin Trudeau Betrayed Canada – Sharia Law M-103 v/s Donald Trump


What the hell?? Clearly the Liberals are afraid of Islam and will lower themselves to whatever level necessary in order not to offend Muslims. The words “Returning foreign terrorist travellers” isn’t even an intelligent collection of words. We wake up every morning to yet more Muslim attacks and killings and another stunned comment or idea from the Liberals. IS is clear that Trudeau is controlled by radical Muslim jihadists, particularly the ones in the Parliament. How many imams have been arrested for publicly demanding the killing of Jews? None. How many mosques have been closed due to terrorist related activities… Read more »


because he knows how much Canadians hated his old man for the damage he did here now he plans to get his vengence by destroying this great nation. treason comes to mind here


Sandra Solomon on the Burqa Nov 13, 2017

Sandra Solomon Nov 13 series, video 2: Halal food. Weaponized groceries?


Spencer, Canadians need to know about the definition of the Burka and hijab and where such clothing derived from or came to be.
Since the media refuse to acknowledge the ‘dangers to happen to our country’, I have to thank Sandra and many like her, who are doing their damnest best to protect our country from uncertainty.


Get a life!

K Garner

If there is one more violent Islamic incident in Canada, the blame will be squarely on Trudeau.

Don Taylor

I will be blunt Turdeau is frikken Nuts and he does not belong in Canada

Korilee Schuetze

They need to be thrown in prison for life, and better yet, denied entry into our country. By the way, treasonous government criminals, who are supposed to be Serving and Protecting our Nations Freedoms, Constitutions, and the happiness of real traditional Canadians, born here, by the way, in fact, it is an honor to do this, a joy even, to be given such a responsible job. Instead, you are criminals of the worst kind and you are destroying our nation and our constitution. But when it comes to terrorism: aiding and abetting terrorism, supporting it and funding it with tax… Read more »


This man does not like Canada that is for sure.


I completely understand the emotional reaction we all feel. Now that you’ve all done your whining can someone tell me what legal grounds Trudeau has other than this very course? Don’t get me wrong, if there is one he should very much use it. Problem is there might not be any legal grounds for anyone to apprehend these individuals or prevent their re-entry. The PM may very well have to eat crow on this. If he does do something he may invoke a rights and freedoms lawsuit again and we all know the (wrongful) blame he took for that. Laws… Read more »


So Chris, what “legal grounds” does he have for ordering the RCMP and border patrol to ignore Canada’s laws and instead openly welcome illegals (including terrorists?) across our borders like they weren’t even there? Trudeau is a traitor to Canada, and should be treated as such … Plus, he didn’t take “wrongful” blame for handing millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to other terrorists … he didn’t take near enough blame I would say. He has a thinly-disguised hatred for Canada and has absolutely no business being where he is — he’s a “post turtle” as they say. Ashamedly, this is… Read more »


Anyone who votes for Justin Trudeau and his empty headed brainless Liberal Minions back in power needs to see a SHRINK, and should get the Doctor to change their Meds.

Frank Ch. Eigler

Do you have a url for the Dan Brien comments/video?

Jim B

Our Prime Minister is an imbecile

Curtis Grenier

Is there no one in Washington D.C. who will rid us of this Canadian Primate Minister Monster? To catch a rat, a bigger one is needed.


This man is an enemy to Canadians. We shouldn’t have to wait until the next election to have him removed and a new election called.

dirk septer

….. now I have heard it all…..