While The Trudeau Government Destroys Canada’s Coal Industry, China Is Building 700 New Coal Plants

It’s outrageous that the Trudeau government is decimating our coal industry and destroying jobs while Chinese companies are building hundreds of new coal power plants.

This is a tough time to be in the Canadian coal industry. Politicians at both the federal and provincial level are systematically decimating the industry, robbing hardworking Canadians of their livelihoods, all in an effort to virtue-signal on the world stage.

Cowardly and dishonest “leaders” hide behind the impression that coal is a dying industry, when that is very far from the truth.

In fact, in many parts of the world the use of coal is growing. Other countries – with governments that base decisions on economic logic rather than vain rhetoric – are massively expanding their coal industries.

Nowhere is that more true than China, where companies are building a whopping 700 new coal power plants.

As noted by Mining.com, the German environmental group Urgewald recently reported on the boom in coal power plant construction:

“Citing data gleaned from the world’s biggest developers of coal-fired power plants, Urgewald found that of all the new coal generation expected to go online over the next decade, Chinese companies will build nearly half of it. Specifically, that means 700 new coal plants, with most to be built in China, and about a fifth outside the country, according to figures provided by Urgewald and reported by the New York Times.”

Urgewald points out that, “The fleet of new coal plants would make it virtually impossible to meet the goals set in the Paris climate accord.”

Additionally, “Shanghai Electric Group, one of the country’s largest electrical equipment makers, has announced plans to build coal power plants in Egypt, Pakistan and Iran with a total capacity of 6,285MW – almost 10 times the 660MW of coal power it has planned in China.”

Considering the gigantic disparity between coal usage in China compared to Canada, any change in Canadian coal output is statistically meaningless for world emissions, and will be massively drowned out by the increase in China.

So, if it doesn’t make a big emissions difference either way, the logical thing to do is take the position that protects Canadian jobs – which means supporting the growth of our coal industry.

Crippling an entire industry and hurting Canadian workers is disgraceful, and it’s incredibly stupid to wreck our coal industry when China is ramping up production by such a huge extent.

We need leaders who remember what common sense is and start putting Canadian workers and Canadian industries first.

Spencer Fernando

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