GENIUS: Catherine McKenna Calls Herself “Minister Responsible For Weather”

Don’t worry, the weather will balance itself.

If Catherine McKenna’s goal is to use Twitter to get attention, she’s doing quite well.

But if her goal is to exude an image of competence, there’s definitely some room for improvement.

McKenna’s latest “interesting” tweet can be seen below:

Catherine McKenna Weather Tweet

That’s not how it works.

McKenna’s foolish tweets would be funny, if not for the fact that the terrible policies she and Trudeau are implementing are destroying real jobs and hurting Canadian workers.

It’s easy for people like McKenna and Trudeau to feel relaxed and have a fun time when they’re getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the taxpayers and have job security for 4 years.

Meanwhile, they’re destroying Canada’s coal industry, and imposing restrictions and adding to a bureaucracy that takes wealth and opportunity from Canadians. So, it’s even more disturbing when the Minister of the Environment doesn’t even seem to know what her job is.

Canadians deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

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I find NOTHING funny about Climate Barbie nor her boss the lunatic…


She’s a hero or zero, depending on how we feel about the weather? Nope, she is simply a zero, weather has nothing to do with it.

Ron mcbride

Trudeau really knows how to pick them ,unqualified !

Raymond of Canada

You never hire someone who is smarter than yourself. It’s called job security!

don morris

Every time McKenna opens her mouth,she confirms the “Climate Change Barbie” monicker attached to her by Sheila Gunn-reid.

Old Canadian Patroit



Weather Modification Information Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. W-5)