NOT GOOD: Report Says Trudeau Beginning “Free Trade” Talks With China In December

A betrayal of working class and middle class Canadians.

It appears a moment many were worried about will soon arrive:

National Post reporter John Ivison is reporting that Justin Trudeau is planning to head to China in December to begin so-called “free trade” talks with the Communist state.

Writes Ivison, “Justin Trudeau is expected to announce he is heading to Beijing early next month to launch free trade talks with China. The trip has not been finalized but diplomatic sources suggest he will head east in the first week of December.”

Despite repeated concerns that a so-called “free trade” deal with China would rob our nation of more manufacturing jobs, lead us to lose more intellectual property, and drive down the wages of working and middle class people while only enriching the elites and globalist-minded corporations, Trudeau is pushing ahead.

In fact, a report put together by the federal government showed there were massive concerns about such a deal:

“Among those concerns was that further liberalizing trade could kill Canadian businesses and jobs as companies can’t compete because of lax labour standards, lower environmental requirements, and state subsidies in China, the report says. These Canadian groups were adamant that failing to address these issues would only further the hollowing out of the Canadian manufacturing sector.”

Trudeau plans to ignore all of that.

Unfortunately, it’s no surprise that he’s going to try to sell us out to China, since he’s already shown zero willingness to stand up for Canada’s interests – even when China was taking sensitive national security companies.

Trudeau is clearly a big fan of China’s communist government, and even praised their “basic dictatorship.” And despite the growing awareness that China talks the talk of globalization but walks the walk of clever protectionism while stacking the economic deck in their favour, Trudeau wants Canada to sign on to something that will cause our nation to suffer.

Stopping this betrayal of our country will require a strong response from the Canadian people, and tough leadership from those like Andrew Scheer who have pledged to oppose a Canada-China free trade agreement.

To protect our country, it must not be allowed to happen.

Spencer Fernando

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No cause for alarm.
The PRC is cracking down on toxic heavy metals in half their products, and half their workers, and they’ve created an army of food police to stop dairy producers from putting melamine in baby formula that damaged 300,000 babies kidneys and killed several. Their health and safety regulatory regime has been upgraded, to at least 1960’s level, and full disclosure on labels is on par with their policy of freedom of expression and opinion in the media, universities and the internet.
And Chairman Justin knows all this, and is ok with it, so trust him.


is he capable of free trade talk …..????

alan skelhorne

no he is not niclal, but with his ever ending trust fun, he loves china. scary thought isn,t it.


Great, just one more thing the half witted boy blunder can do to mess up canaduh’s (yes, this is a jab at liberal voters) economy.

Gloria Morrison

he’s really trying to kill Canada wake up an give your head a shake Justin i hope your out of a job before long and have no money what ever coming so you can feel the pinch like we do

Don Taylor

Canada will end up on the losing end ,if The Turdeau has any thing to do with it

Wendy Lush

And Trudeau wants free trade talks with China … Right. This country is going to get hammered six ways to Sunday. China has an endless supply of dollar-an-hour labor that doesn’t complain. What IS it with this fool’s obsession with China?? Is it the marxist activist in him? Is it his loyalty to his daddy? Justin Trudeau and Canadian govt: “I will visit China next month for trade talks, during which I will express my admiration for China’s ‘basic dictatorship’. We will also have uh constructive dialogue on pride, feminism, multiculturalism, openness and human rights. After all, we must forever… Read more »

K Garner

And this is the sick regime Trudeau wants to align Canada with? God help us.