REPORT: Angus Reid Poll Says 46% Of Canadians See Islam As “Damaging” Canadian Society, 13% Say It’s “Beneficial”

Same poll shows 49% of Canadians say women wearing Niqabs – which covers the entire face except the eyes – should be prohibited from visiting Canadian government offices.

A survey by Angus Reid shows considerable concern among many Canadians when it comes to the impact Islam has on Canadian society.

As noted by Angus Reid, “To measure respondents’ perspectives on different religious and faith traditions in Canada today, the Angus Reid Institute asked a series of questions about eight such traditions: Catholicism, Protestantism, Evangelical Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Atheism.”

The survey asked whether Canadians saw each religion as “benefitting” Canada, or having a “damaging” impact on our country. Angus Reid says only Islam was widely seen as “damaging.”

Here are some of the key results:

Catholicism – 35% benefitting, 17% damaging

Protestantism – 26% benefitting, 9% damaging

Evangelical Christianity – 24% benefitting, 21% damaging

Judaism – 20% benefitting, 12% damaging

Islam – 13% benefitting, 46% damaging

Hinduism – 13% benefitting, 13% damaging

Sikhism – 13% benefitting, 22% damaging

Atheism – 16% benefitting, 17% damaging

Angus Reid also points out that there are concerns about Islam’s growing role in Canada:

“Collectively, these findings speak to a widespread unease with Muslims and the Islamic faith in Canada, and this unease is further underscored by the fact that two-thirds (65%) of those asked about Islam in this latest survey say the religion’s influence in Canadian public life is growing.”

Canadians have legitimate concerns

While the elites will obviously dismiss this survey as “Islamophobic,” Canadians have legitimate concerns about Islam that need to be listened to, and politicians need to address those concerns.

We have seen the rise of Islamist terrorism, and more people are becoming aware of the fact that hate speech occurs in some Canadian Mosques. Canadians also know that Islam is not a race, it is an idea, and in a free society all ideas are open to debate, criticism, and even opposition.

Additionally, it is known that many Canadian Muslims are strongly opposed to extremism, and want to have an honest and open discussion about those issues. Unfortunately, voices of reform within Islam are often silenced by politicians like Justin Trudeau, who call any nuanced or in-depth discussion “Islamophobia.”

We must move beyond elitist political correctness

In order to solve problems such as Islamist terrorism and extremism, we can’t be limited by political correctness. This Angus Reid poll shows that despite the efforts of Trudeau and the elites pushing political correctness, Canadians are not ignoring legitimate concerns about Islam.

Until politicians take steps to address these concerns, including doing more to stop Islamist terrorism (including being willing to call it by its name) and crack down on hate speech in mosques, concerns will continue to grow, and demands for stronger action will get louder and louder.

That’s why we must move beyond political correctness and embrace common sense. Otherwise, things will just get worse.

Read more of Angus Reid’s full poll on religion in Canada

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