Canada Should Stop Throwing Cash Down The Afghanistan Money Pit

Even as Afghanistan wants the Taliban – who killed many Canadian soldiers – to be part of negotiations, they are asking for even more money from Canadian taxpayers.

The Afghanistan government is asking for more money.

Afghanistan’s President Abdullah Abdullah has reportedly asked Canada for money for more military training, including a request to fund military war colleges in the country.

At the same time, Afghanistan has been saying that the Taliban should be included in future negotiations on the future of the country. That would be the same Taliban that killed Canadian troops as our nation worked to defeat terrorism and keep the Afghan government from collapsing.

In fairness, while the U.S., China, and Pakistan also want the Taliban included in negotiations, it’s still absurd that we would give money to a country negotiating power with the Taliban.

Enough is enough

Afghanistan has become a money pit for much of the Western world, demanding more and more cash and support, even as they have been unable to assert control over the nation and eliminate the source of Taliban support. History shows that efforts to reform Afghanistan from the outside simply don’t work.

With serious issues to solve here in Canada, it’s time to stop giving money to Afghanistan, and the government should reject Abdullah Abdullah’s request.

Additionally, to give more money to Afghanistan as they simultaneously demand the inclusion of the Taliban in negotiations is a total insult to the brave men and women who fought against the Taliban for many years.

Canada should focus on our own people and our own nation, instead of giving money to Afghanistan and other foreign countries.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Totally agree. Disavow this rogue state. Connection only results in loss of $ and Canadian lives. If the US wants to drain that swamp, let them go nuts. Canada lacks the will and resources. No point in pretending to be a player. But that is Trudeau isn’t it, a pretender.

Clive Edwards

The West should leave Afghanistan and other foreign countries alone. Unfortunately the Anglo-American Establishment, of which Canada’s elite are a part, have a history of doing no such thing. The Brits still haven’t forgiven a bunch of guerillas on camels and horses for defeating their forces several times in the nineteenth century.
Imagine if the French wanted to go best two out of three on the Plains of Abraham, and kept losing? That’s Britain for you.