CRISIS: Mugabe Refuses To Resign In Defiant Speech

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe was widely expected to resign in a speech after the military and political leadership turned against him. Instead, he defiantly refused to go.

Despite his own ZANU-PF political party ousting him in favour of the recently fired Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, and the military moving against him in a widely-supported action to restore stability to the country, Robert Mugabe refused to resign in a defiant speech.

The speech had come after Mugabe met with top military officials, and it is believed he deceived them into thinking he would announce his resignation in the speech.

Mugabe’s refusal to leave could cause a deeper crisis in the nation, as there will now be a move to impeach from his position. The question remains as to how much of the military and political structure remains loyal to Mugabe, though there appears to widespread support for his removal.

A failed leader

When Mugabe became leader of Zimbabwe, it was considered the breadbasket of Africa, and had tremendous economic potential. Had Mugabe been able to bring the country together, including defending the many white farmers who generated a large portion of economic output, the country could be a very prosperous place today.

Instead, Mugabe stole land from the farmers, encouraged violence and even killings, suppressed his political opponents, and transformed the government into a dictatorship. As a result, the economy collapsed and went through a period of hyperinflation that destroyed what wealth was left.

Now, Zimbabwe imports food, and life expectancy is lower today than it was in 1980 when Mugabe took power.

Clearly, it seems the people of Zimbabwe have had enough, and want Mugabe gone. So, while he may have refused to resign, it seems he has only delayed the inevitable.

WATCH: Mugabe’s full speech

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube