DISTURBING: Book On China’s “Silent Invasion” Of Australia Cancelled Because Of “Possible Action From Beijing”

Author of the book Silent Invasion: How China is Turning Australia into a Puppet State, warns Canada is also at risk.

A very disturbing report from the Globe & Mail reveals that a book on China’s growing influence over Australia has been scrapped because of fears of how China would respond.

Professor Clive Hamilton took an in-depth look at who was involved in campaigns to give China influence over Australia:

“He tracked the rivers of money flowing into the Australian education system that “have made the universities beholden to China and extremely reluctant to do anything that might upset Beijing.” He dug into work by Chinese emissaries “to turn the Chinese diaspora in Australia into a highly effective weapon for Beijing’s diplomacy in this part of the world.” He looked at opinion-makers espousing views favourable to China, some of whom “have been won over through financial ties to Chinese organizations.” He looked at Chinese-language media in Australia, 90 per cent of which now “adopt a pro-Beijing political stance.”

He wrote, Silent Invasion: How China is Turning Australia into a Puppet State, and was ready to name names of those involved in the influence campaigns.

Then, his publisher cancelled the book, and that’s where it gets more disturbing:

Before his book could be released, his publisher sent him an e-mail, saying it “was worried about “potential threats to the book and the company from possible action by Beijing. In the Nov. 8 e-mail, first published by Australian media last week, the publisher cited “Beijing’s agents of influence” and said printing the book would raise “the very high chance of a vexatious defamation action against Allen & Unwin, and possibly against you personally as well.”

Said Hamilton, “There have been, as far as I’m aware, no specific threats made to the publisher. But in a way that’s more worrying, because it means the mere shadow of Beijing is enough to cause them to pull the plug on this book.”

It’s essential to note that – aside from a military invasion – there’s no way a country can be dominated by foreign influence unless their leaders allow it to happen. Tough leadership, and a relentless focus on stopping foreign influence and defending national sovereignty can keep any nation largely free of foreign control.

Of course, globalist leaders have no interest in protecting national sovereignty, and instead do the bidding of multinational corporations and the powerful elites. By chasing short term profit, those leaders sell out their citizens and betray their country.

As Hamilton notes, “in courting Beijing, Australia has allowed China to gain so much sway, Prof. Hamilton warns, that “it will take a decade of determined effort to unwind the program of influence that has been executed in this country.”

Disturbing parallels to Canada

Professor Hamilton warns that other countries face a similar danger to Australia:

“And, he says, other countries would do well to heed what he has experienced — including Canada, where schools at all levels are increasingly reliant on tuition dollars from Chinese students while Ottawa has approved controversial investments in sensitive sectors as it holds talks toward a free-trade agreement with Beijing.”

Under normal circumstances, this would be a serious – but manageable – concern for Canada. Unfortunately, these are not normal circumstances.

The Trudeau government has shown repeatedly that they will bow down to Beijing’s wishes, and will refuse to defend Canada’s interests.

With Trudeau moving towards “free trade” with China, our nation has never faced a greater threat to our national sovereignty.

Because of that threat, all Canadians must stand up against the betrayal of our country, and makes sure that every politician who tries selling us out is massively defeated.

Read the full report on Silent Invasion: How China is Turning Australia into a Puppet State

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