FRASER INSTITUTE: Climate Plans Will Cost Provinces Billions, While Doing Almost Nothing For The Environment

Another fraud perpetrated by our failed “leaders.”

The Fraser Institute has a new report, which confirms what many of us knew instinctively: The climate plans being sold to us by provincial politicians (and forced by Trudeau on the national level) will cost billions of dollars, while doing almost nothing for the environment.

As the institute notes, “Four provinces in Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec) have promulgated “action plans” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These plans have several broad components. There is a carbon pricing component; there are assortments of energy efficiency programs; there is a “renewable energy” component; and most of the plans have vehicle electrification components (or such programs have been enacted separately from the climate action plans).”

While governments have sold these plans as “revenue neutral,” and say they will create growth in other ways, the Fraser Institute report refutes that:

“Rather than obeying fundamental economic principles of true revenue neutrality, regulatory displacement, and allowing markets to find lower cost ways to reduce carbon, Canada’s carbon taxes are piled on top of regulations, are not revenue neutral, and subvert the functioning of energy markets by mandating particular technologies such as wind and solar power, and electric vehicles.”

The report goes on to point out that promises of expanding renewable energy – which are a staple of most climate plans – have turned out to be disasters, particularly in Ontario:

“Ontario’s renewable expansion has come at a stunningly high cost, with electricity prices in Ontario having risen by 71 percent from 2008 to 2016, over twice the average growth in electricity prices elsewhere in Canada. From 2008 to 2015, electricity prices also increased two-and-a-half times faster than household disposable income in Ontario. The growth in electricity prices was almost four times greater than inflation and over four-and-a-half times the growth of Ontario’s economy (real GDP).”

Concerningly, the terrible Ontario climate plan was authored in large part by those who are now influencing federal policy, so we can look at the Ontario experience – massive debt, huge energy price increases, total waste and failure – and see what Trudeau has in mind for Canada.

Taxpayers ripped off again

As usual, politicians and elites never pay the price of failed policies. Instead, they’ll use those policies to virtue-signal about how much they “care” for the environment, while Canadian taxpayers get screwed.

The Fraser Institute report makes it clear what a fraud these climate plans are, as they will accomplish nothing except making life more expensive and taking more money out of our pockets.

Frankly, the Fraser Institute is being too nice in their report, as they seem to believe a carbon tax could work if implemented correctly. Of course, that gives way too much credit to our failed leaders, when the real solution is to cut taxes, reduce regulations, and create a competitive economy that leads to more innovation, prosperity, and advancement.

Still, the report is a big help for all of us who want to cut through the BS, and show how our governments are deceiving the people when it comes to “climate action.”

Read the full Fraser Institute report here

Spencer Fernando

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Climate change, carbon, legal marijuana, immigration, taxes squeeze for the big wig, etc…. I could go on an on with a load of irresponsible low IQ decisions draining the system of hard working Canadian. Do we need a revolution like Chili back in the 70’s? My crystal ball tells me nothing unless Mr. T. resign or impeach.


Every time when one re-charges his electric car the liberals will add a tax on it. But, for now very few have electric cars to warrant a tax on the re-charge.

Sandy Jack

We got what we voted for and when Sharia takes over and destroys what is left of our values one will not find anyone who will say that they voted for these fools.

Carlos Figueiredo

The politicians are basically ignorant, opportunists, with an agenda that doesn’t include the interests of Canada and its population. Earth has been around for billions of years, during which it was bombarded with meteors, went through asteroid tails, has had volcanoes galore, floods, deluges of naphtha, to mention a few. Yet they are trying to make us believe that the activities of little ants, in the past 200 years or so, have somehow put it in danger. The only danger we are in is to have those people in government. In the past couple weeks NASA discovered a plume that… Read more »

David Patterson

Breathtakingly ignorant and ill-informed, blaming the high cost of nuclear power plant repairs on renewables in Ontario and not understanding how the carbon tax tilts the economics away from coal and other dirty fuels towards natural gas and renewables.

Bob Martin

In the 70’s the world was going into an ice age. When that didn’t work, we were told that we were responsible for global warming. When that didn’t pan out, it’s all about climate change. Well, guess what, there has been climate change since the beginning of time, long before man existed. When are people going to start using their heads and see what this really is – a redistribution of wealth, plain and simple.