Even As The Threat Rises, Trudeau Is Weakening Canada’s Anti-Terror Laws

With his weakness on returning ISIS fighters, Justin Trudeau is putting Canadians at serious risk. Now, his weakening of anti-terror laws will make things even worse.

There is growing concern across the country as people realize how weak the Trudeau government’s approach to dealing with returning ISIS fighters is.

Unlike other nations who are eliminating them on the battlefield, the Trudeau government is instead offering “reintegration support,” for those who were a part of the brutal ISIS terror group.

It’s a total dereliction of the governments duty to protect Canadians.

Yet, considering the weakening of Canada’s anti-terror laws, things are even worse than they seem.

In June, I wrote about Bill C-59, the Trudeau government’s attempt to “fix” the Conservatives C-51 anti-terrorism legislation.

The legislation made one positive change, making it easier for the Canadian Securities Establishment to conduct cyber operations against terrorist groups.

Unfortunately, the rest of the legislation makes our anti-terror laws weaker, and the changes are especially reckless in the face of ISIS fighters coming back within our borders.

Here’s what I wrote at the time:

“Now, here’s the problem with Bill C-59. It changes the provisions around preventative arrests by saying any such arrest must be “necessary” to stop a terrorist attack. However, Bill C-51 said such an arrest must be “likely” to stop an attack.

The change in C-59 will create a chilling effect, as far more evidence will need to be gathered in order to arrest someone planning a suicide bombing or other horrific attack. As a result, the government could hesitate before acting, and any hesitation could mean the difference between life and death.

There is another big problem with C-59, and it is blatant hypocrisy.

While the Trudeau government has been pushing to enforce political correctness and even compel speech under the law, they are actually making it easier for ISIS and ISIS supporters to spread Jihadi propaganda. That’s because they are changing what is considered criminal speech. Before, speech “promoting” terrorism was illegal. But under the new legislation, promoting terrorism would be allowed. The new bar is set at “counselling” terrorism.

So, someone could apparently promote the actions of those who want to butcher innocent Canadians and that would be legal. They would have to actually begin an active plot and push someone to make a direct attack before it was considered illegal.”

So, if Bill C-59 becomes law, it will be easier for returning ISIS fighters to spread their propaganda and recruit others, and it will be tougher for the government to stop potential plots.

As a result, Canadians are being put at increased risk because of the horrendous combo of naivety, weakness, political correctness, and just plain stupidity by the Trudeau government.

Both the Conservatives and NDP are opposing the legislation (though the NDP is opposing it because they think it doesn’t “change” C-59 enough).

If we were living in safer times, then Bill C-59 might be okay. But we live in a dangerous world, and Canada needs all the possible tools at our disposable to keep our people safe. Trudeau’s Bill C-59 makes our nation and our people more vulnerable, and that’s why Canadians need to speak out against it.

Spencer Fernando

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Tommy Hawk

When your thoughts are treasonous it follows that most of your act will effectively be directed similarly. Now we know for certain what many have suspected and others have stated over time and that is the our Prime Minister is in fact, acting in a manner that can and should be referred to as treasonous and action under the C.C.C. should be initiated. Which, of course, raises the next question. And that question is: Is there a lawyer anywhere in the country with the patriotic mentality to initiate such an action? The obvious and distressing answer is, no, there is… Read more »


people will start to take matters in to their own hands to protect their family, property.
truduh! is following the soros model… might explain why his foundation has over 500 million from other countries in the account… what do these countries want? I am sure they did not give truduh! that money just because he has good hair…

Mark Hathaway

He isn’t stupid ,he is purposely orchastrating the demise of Canada.

Faith Cook

I firmly believe there is something mentally wrong with Justin. His mother had issues with depression & who knows what else, & a good portion if not all the time can be traced to genetics. With what information that has surfaced about the election being tampered with, and now Revenue Canada & its incompetence, citizens of this country are being robbed . I think that Revenue Canada was told By the government to do what it did! Taxpayers were likely charged extra when there was no need! Except the fact that Trudeau is giving billions away & the government needs… Read more »

denis morin

tout ce qu’il veux ce sont des votes pour les prochaines elections mais peut-etre que les election s vont passer mais lui il passera pas en attendent prend toe des sel fie pour souvenirs