REPORT: Liberals Worried Moneybags Morneau Could Cost Them Votes In 2019

Some Liberal MPs reportedly want Morneau out of the Finance Minister post.

With numerous polls showing Bill “Moneybags” Morneau to be an incredibly unpopular politician, it seems that some Liberal MPs are starting to worry that he could damage their re-election chances.

According to the Hill Times, one Liberal MP said (anonymously) of Morneau’s ethics issues and the Paradise Papers, “It’s going to be a little slow growing cancer that starts to eat away at people’s impressions of what you are, and who you are, and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of that when people make a choice.”

The report also notes that “One Liberal MP and one former senior Liberal both said Mr. Morneau should be shuffled to another portfolio and said the Liberal Party should disassociate itself from Mr. Bronfman.”

Liberal MPs can’t acknowledge that the problem starts at the top

It seems clear that the Trudeau Liberals – always ruthless when it comes to defending their political interests – will seek to manipulate public perception and give the appearance that Trudeau is separate from the issue of entitled elites exposing the government’s true image.

Of course, the problem starts with Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau is a total elitist, who knows nothing about life in the middle class and is enacting an agenda designed to enrich his fellow elites at the expense of middle class and working class Canadians.

Even if Morneau was shuffled out and the party distanced themselves from Bronfman, that wouldn’t change the fact that Trudeau refuses to crack down on offshore tax havens, and instead tried taking money from community businesses.

And it wouldn’t change the fact that Trudeau is alienating our traditional allies while seeking a “free trade” deal with China that would be devastating for our economy and national sovereignty.

This means that a cabinet shuffle and/or putting rhetorical distance between the Liberals and Bronfman won’t do anything to change the biggest problem with the government: Justin Trudeau.

That’s why the opposition needs to keep the pressure on and keep making the point that the government takes their arrogant and elitist attitude from the top. Throwing Moneybags overboard might make many Canadians – including myself – happy, but nothing will really be changed until Trudeau is defeated.

Spencer Fernando

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Liberals are worried Morneau could cost votes in 2019 if he’s kept on as the Finance Minister. Then by all means please keep him on.

Roger Shelswell

Morneau the Moron will not make any difference.The liberals are gone anyway.There are not enough socialist dropouts and potheads left in Canada to vote them back in.

Miles Lunn

As someone who is in the top 1 percent in terms of income myself, I can tell you Trudeau is no friend of the rich. True he hasn’t helped the middle class a lot but he raised the top rate from 29 percent to 33 percent and when you add in the provincial taxes that means the top marginal rates are over 50 percent in most provinces and close to in the remainder. All provinces have top marginal rates above the OECD average and most would be in the top 10. True he was born with a silver spoon and… Read more »