RIGGED SYSTEM: Despite Ethics Investigations, Worst “Punishment” Facing Trudeau, Morneau & Hehr Is Only A $500 Fine

Accountability will have to come during the election, because the political system is totally rigged.

In a situation that is unprecedented in Canadian politics, three members of the government – including Justin Trudeau – are facing ethics investigations.

Those being looked at are Trudeau, Moneybags Morneau, and Kent Hehr (for potentially using parliamentary resources to help his father with a political campaign.)

Yet, in a recent article titled “What happens if Trudeau, ministers actually broke the law?” Global News points out that the worst possible punishment is a laughably weak $500 fine:

Says the article, “But once these investigations (or pre-investigations) have wrapped up, what kinds of consequences could the three members of cabinet face? The penalties imposed by Dawson herself are relatively minor. She can’t send anyone to jail, for instance, or force anyone out of office. What she can do is slap a public office holder with “an administrative monetary penalty not exceeding $500” for violations of the Act.”


As you can see, the system is totally rigged in favour of those in power. In what is a systemic-wide conflict of interest, the politicians set their own punishments, so they obviously set them very weak.

Even if Trudeau and the two other cabinet ministers are found to have violated the law, their punishment will be a total joke.

That’s why accountability will have to come at the ballot box, with the total defeat of those who betray the trust of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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