TRUDEAU DIPLOMACY: Australia Seeks To Block Canada’s Admission To Security Forum

While Trudeau bows down to communist China, he’s distancing our country from democratic allies like Australia.

In the wake of Trudeau skipping (“or making a scheduling mistake”) a key meeting during Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, Australia is seeking to block Canada from a spot on the East Asia Summit – which is seen as a top security forum in the region.

As noted in a recent report, “An Australian news report suggests that country’s leadership has already rejected Canada’s application to participate in the key forum because Australian trade officials were “gobsmacked” by Canada’s behaviour on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum (APEC) last week in Vietnam.”

“Trudeau diplomacy” distances Canada from our traditional allies

Being left out of the forum itself isn’t really a big deal, since most international forums are highly overrated.

The bigger issue is that the Trudeau government is once again distancing Canada from a democratic ally. We see the same with the United States, as the Trudeau government seems far more willing to criticize countries that share our values, while constantly praising and sucking up to China.

This is the deeper problem with all of this. Whether the government agrees with the Trump administration or the current Australian government on specific issues, they fail to realize that our bond with those countries will always be stronger than it could be with China.

China is an authoritarian regime, based on a different set of civilizational ideas, and while they may use Canada to achieve their interests, they are not a “friend.”

If Canada loses touch with our true friends and tries to do the bidding of China and other authoritarian states, we will be left with nothing but weakness and vulnerability in a dangerous world.

Spencer Fernando

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