A New Surge Of Illegal Border Crossers Is Coming To Canada

Because the Trudeau government shows continued weakness and refuses to secure the Canadian border, our country is going to face another big wave of illegal border crossers.

In the wake of the Trump Administration promising to end a program that gave about 60,000 Haitians temporary residence in the United States, analysts expect Canada to get a big new surge of illegal border crossers.

It should be pointed out that Canada had offered similar temporary residence in the wake of the Haiti earthquake, and the Trudeau government actually revoked that protection before the U.S. did – something you rarely hear in the establishment media.

As noted by the CP “Stephane Handfield, an immigration lawyer who represents asylum seekers, said he expects a high number of Haitian refugee applicants again next summer. He said many Haitians believe all they need to do to settle in Canada is to reach the border and fill out an application for refugee status. Jean-Pierre Fortin, president of a union representing customs and immigration officers, said he too expects another wave of Haitian asylum seekers over the next few months. “We’re still trying to manage the crisis from last summer,” he said.”

Weakness will lead to more illegal crossings

With Canada’s public services already stretched passed their limits – considering governments are running massive budget deficits – more illegal border crossings will mean higher taxes and fewer services for Canadian citizens.

Had the Trudeau government made very clear that zero asylum claims will be accepted from illegal crossers, and taken steps to boost the number of border security officers (and military) on the border, it would have created a strong deterrent effect to stop people from crossing.

Also, they knew that this decision from the U.S. was coming, and should have prepared for it.

Instead, the government has done nothing except send a few MPs to talk about how people shouldn’t try crossing into Canada. That approach is far too weak, and the comments in the report above make it clear that it has failed.

The Trudeau government is more focused on being politically correct than they are on strengthening respect for Canada’s borders, and as a result, a big influx of illegal border crossers is undoubtedly on the way.

Spencer Fernando

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Razor wire. Miles and miles of layer after layer, electrified. None of this RCMP valet garbage. We see on TV where normally illegals are handcuffed and searched. Has anyone seen anything like that here? Nope, just the police carrying luggage to a waiting vehicle. Properly those caught crossing somewhere other than a legal crossing should be seen face down in the dirt, cuffed behind their backs while their luggage and backpacks are closely inspected for weapons and drugs. We sure don’t hear a darn thing about all the contraband that is found. How come? What are the Liberals hiding?

Old Canadian Patroit

All part of the Soros plan to bring down the country.


more unemployable liberal voters illegally crossing over in to Canada. nice of truduh! to use the rcmp as baggage porters…

Ana Gomes

What is the corrupt CBC hiding about Trudeau? Your time is all spent fighting the result of the last USA election, since Canada no longer believes in Democracy. Trump ,trump, trump , lies and twists to make him look foolish ,but always hiding any possible achievement. You did that before with S. Harper. You make honest Canadians sick.Now, that The Turd has no credibility left, are you still propping him up and rubbing more snake oil on his cardboard image? Hoping that he wins next and raises your undeserved pay, in order to keep the corrupt hype going, until more… Read more »


The future of Canada as we have known it for the past 150 yrs is in peril under the current Liberal gvt lead by JT. Too many Canadians are still naively mesmerized by the ‘sunny ways’ JT persona. They are ‘sleep-walking’, completely unaware of just how determined he is to change Canada by erasing its great history and making it into one considered a ‘post-nation’ state. I doubt that many Cdns are aware of how Liberal gvt policies/legislation will result in drastic societal changes as well as $$B debt that will be mortgaged to our grandchildren. However, our biggest existential… Read more »