UH OH: Moneybags Morneau Introduced Pension Bill That Could Benefit Morneau-Shepell WITHOUT Getting Ethics Commissioner Clearance

Morneau will now face even more questions about a possible conflict of interest.

If Moneybags Morneau thought he was done facing conflict of interest questions, a new report from the Globe & Mail will put an end to that delusion:

According to the report, “Finance Minister Bill Morneau did not seek clearance from the federal ethics commissioner before he introduced pension-reform legislation that could benefit the firm founded by his father and in which he still owned one million shares.”

The issue is Bill C-27, which makes changes to pensions that could benefit Morneau Shepell. At the same time as Morneau introduced that legislation, he owned 1 million shares in the firm.

As news of this latest potential conflict of interest became known, the opposition started going after Morneau again, demanding the answers he has repeatedly denied to Canadians.

The report points out that, “The opposition parties had fresh ammunition for Monday’s attacks after The Globe and Mail revealed that retired postal workers had warned Ms. Dawson in a letter on Sept. 18 that the Finance Minister could be in a conflict of interest over the pension legislation, Bill C-27, and its potential benefits for Morneau Shepell. The same letter was delivered to Mr. Morneau’s office on Sept. 18.”

Morneau is now under investigation by the ethics commissioner.

As noted, “Bill C-27 would allow Crown corporations and federally regulated companies the option of setting up target-benefit pension plans for their employees instead of defined-benefit plans.”

Target-benefit pension plans are something Morneau advocated for while he was running Morneau Shepell, and Morneau Shepell could profit from the passing of such legislation.

Unsurprisingly considering Morneau’s arrogant elitism, target-benefit pension plans are seen as shifting risk away from companies towards employees, once again benefiting those at the top while hurting middle class and working class people.

It seems that the more time goes on, the more it becomes clear that Moneybags Morneau has zero interest in working for Canadians. Judging by his collapsing poll numbers, Canadians are seeing through his talking points and realizing that Moneybags is all about serving himself and his elitist buddies.

Spencer Fernando

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