Wilfrid Laurier University’s Horrendous Treatment Of Lindsay Shepherd Is Further Evidence That Far-Left Extremism Dominates Canada’s Institutions Of “Higher Learning”

It never should have gotten this far.

The disturbing treatment of Lindsay Shepherd – who was called before a Soviet-style tribunal after she shared a video featuring Professor Jordan Peterson – shows that Canada’s so-called “institutions of higher learning” are dominated by far-left totalitarians.

While certain segments of universities – engineering and business for example – are often somewhat distanced from the rise of far-left extremism, many of the administrative staff and professors in universities are either far-left extremists, or are too afraid of far-left extremists to speak out against the insanity.

And if you doubt it’s gotten that bad, listen to the audio below:

At one point, they tell Shepherd that even debating Peterson’s ideas is unacceptable.

This is totalitarian thinking on display. Imagine if the people interrogating Shepherd had power over an entire nation. Do you think that nation would be free? And keep in mind, that’s the direction that Trudeau and the left want to take Canada in.

That’s why the far-left totalitarians are so afraid of Jordan Peterson, and are trying to silencing him and anyone who even shows video with him in it. He is one of the few on campuses who are challenging the insanity and speaking out for common sense, and that’s why are trying to shut him down.

While the president of the university (who has shown total weakness thus far) has apologized to Shepherd, there is a far deeper problem under the surface.

Instead of seeking to actually teach useful skills, entire sections of many universities have been co-opted by people seeking to indoctrinate students with an extreme ideology, and they’re using taxpayer dollars to do it.

That means we are literally paying people to weaken our nation from the inside.

It’s insane, and it must come to an end. Universities must stand for free speech and get rid of any professors who try silencing students. Those institutions that fail to do so must lose all their taxpayer funding until they wake up and do the right thing.

This craziness should have never gotten this far, and if it doesn’t change soon, Canada is at serious risk of being even more severely weakened from the inside.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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