EMPTY: Trudeau’s National Housing Plan Is Lots Of Talk Hiding A Lack Of Substance

Like all of Trudeau’s big promises, the real details are far less substantial than the rhetoric.

The Trudeau Liberals have released their housing plan.

It’s received a lot of attention, and it was heavily hyped.

Yet, unsurprisingly, the plan is lots of talk trying to cover up for very little substance.

Some ideas in the plan, particularly making housing more accessible for low-income people and helping increase shelter for victims of domestic violence – are quite good.

Yet, as noted by the CP, “But the plan itself rests heavily on provinces and territories kicking in matching funds, without which federal dollars won’t flow. Even then, it won’t happen until April 2018 and not until 2021 in the case of the new housing benefit.”

Considering the federal government and provinces are almost always feuding with each other, and the provinces are running massive deficits in many cases, any promise of provincial funding is totally up in the air.

Both opposition leaders criticized the plan:

“NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called the plan “timid” because of the delays in spending when the money is desperately needed now. And Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said the strategy does nothing for lowering the high cost of housing ownership in major urban centres, only making a passing reference to exploring further options.”

Trudeau’s “$40 billion vision” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:

In Toronto, PM Trudeau announces national housing strategy, calls it “once-in-a-generation, $40B vision.” Watch his news conference live: https://t.co/pFD9st4kZV pic.twitter.com/JA6V9HbqWM

— CPAC (@CPAC_TV) November 22, 2017

The Trudeau government made a big deal about the $40 billion investment, yet it’s almost all either re-announcements of previously allocated money, money from the provinces and private sector. Also, it’s over an entire decade, and heavily back-loaded until after the election.

If Trudeau had a reputation for keeping promises, the government would have earned the benefit of the doubt. Of course, they’ve done the opposite, and repeatedly betrayed the trust of Canadians.

So, not only is the money far less substantial, and far less certain than Trudeau is saying, but there’s no reason to believe he even intends to deliver.

Massive tax relief should be part of any full housing plan

A truly comprehensive housing plan would also feature big tax cuts for low income people and the middle class, in order to lower the cost of living. Yet, Trudeau is moving in the opposite direction, increasing the burden of regulations and taxes and making life more affordable.

While Canadians are waiting for the “help” promised by Trudeau, life becomes more and more expensive, and the government is only making it worse.

Once again, beyond all the rhetoric, Trudeau’s promises are all talk, no substance, and Canadians pay the price.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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