REPORT: Trudeau Government To End 40-Year-Old Policy That Reduces Burden Of Immigration On Healthcare System

The policy was instituted to reduce costs in the taxpayer-funded healthcare system, but the Trudeau Liberals say it’s not “inclusive.”

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says a 40-year-old policy – upheld by both Conservative and Liberal governments – that can reject immigrants who are sick and disabled, will be ended.

“From a principled perspective, the current excessive demand provision policy simply does not align with our country’s values of inclusion of person with disabilities in Canadian society,”said Hussen.

The policy generally restricts immigration of those who would be seen as costing the healthcare/social welfare system more than the average person over a 5-year period.

Some provinces are said to be understandably concerned about potentially higher health costs as a result of the change. The current policy is said to save taxpayers about $135 million.

There have been other concerns expressed, including qualified individuals who had applications rejected because of family members deemed inadmissible.

As noted in a recent report, “According to the rules around medical inadmissibility, a willingness or ability to pay is not a factor for services that are publicly funded like physician or hospital care, since there is no cost-recovery regime in place. However, it is a consideration in assessing an applicant who has financial means to defray costs of medication or services that are not publicly funded, such as HIV antiretroviral therapy.”

While the Trudeau government will certainly seem “nice” in the media for ending the policy, we need to ask about the underlying logic of why it has remained in place. After all, both Conservative and Liberal governments obviously saw merit in the policy, and kept it in place for a very long time.

The policy does have an important basis, as it makes clear that immigration should be a financial net benefit to a country, rather than adding to the strain on social programs.

Additionally, “inclusion” (a virtue-signalling word with a definition that changes depending on who says it) is not supposed to be the guiding principle behind immigration policy. Making Canada more prosperous by helping Canadian citizens is supposed to be the focus.

There may be ways to strengthen the policy, by making exceptions for individuals who are part of families already making a meaningful financial contribution to Canada. However, scrapping it entirely is not a wise idea.

This announcement by Hussen will raise further questions about why the government seems more concerned with non-citizens, than it does with directing resources towards the benefit of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Gleason Gallinger

To remove this policy is just idiotic, Canadian health care is already only good if you are not sick. This will just add more and more people to the waiting lists. This government is becoming more and more criminal every day. What can we do as Canadians to stop this?


like ya why is he more concerned with immigrants than Canadians its bad enough that they give medical and dentistry housing and monies, but paying Canadians have to sell their homes and every thing just to pay for medical treatment for cancer which doesn’t seam fair to me . you seam to be changing all our laws to suit these immigrants .

D. Jerome Hauk

If one follows his views of Canada as a post-national entity ( to avoid that word ‘state’) then in his mind there is no difference between citizen and non- citizen, as we are all citizens of the world. Entirely consistent, but going down a path which we, the citizens, did not elect.


Mother Theresa is already dead and she is not coming back.

CJ Beverly

The INSANITY continues with Trudeau upping the Idiocy to new levels with this INCLUSION B.S….Welcome to the new and DOOMED CANADA…..And not one Liberal Backbencher is standing up to this atrocities being done to our immigration and fiscal integrity….The Conservatives should quit talking and start getting the Canadian population on the streets protesting….I wonder if Trudeau ever had to implement Martial Law would our Military come to his Aid and is our top Brass in bed with our Minister of Stolen Valour, or will they stand up for the real CANADA.


I’m outraged. Not a chance in hell that the liberals will get my vote.


Didn’t the Reform Party suggest a policy whereby migrants who of course would have met the monetary requirements, be responsible for their family medical costs for a number of years? Didn’t they also suggest that a migrant found criminally responsible in their first five years here be immediately deported?


newcomers who will be a burden on taxpayers will flock to Canada. castro’s boy will have us a third world country before long… this is not what being Canadian is all about. Canadians are people who asimulate and work hard together. not looking for countries with the largest handouts.

Maryam McKinley

Spencer agree 100% and thank you for raising a difficult and heart breaking issue. Note that the savings of our current policy is $135 million per FIVE years and does not take into account inflation. This proposed change in policy will cost Billions. One person with health issues could easily cost several $100,000’s over the course of their lifetime. In BC our health system is in crisis. Waits to see a specialist can take up to two years and scheduling of surgery can take an additional two years according to my personal experience. It would be great if we could… Read more »

Miles Lunn

Fully agree. The problem with Trudeau unlike previous PM’s of all stripes is he doesn’t know when to say no. Governments that say yes to every demand eventually run out of money.