VIRTUE-SIGNALLING: Ignoring Clear Majority Of Albertans, Trudeau & Notley Want “Conversation” On Edmonton Eskimos Changing Name

Don’t Trudeau & Notley have actual jobs they should be doing?

In another effort to virtue-signal and distract with the latest “offensive” thing, both Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley are calling for a “conversation” on whether the Edmonton Eskimos should change their name.

Make no mistake, when they say “conversation,” they really mean that they want to start a process that will shame people who oppose a name change, and lead to the name being altered. They just don’t have the stones to fully push their crazy political-correctness and actually call for the name change outright.

With both Trudeau and Notley facing increased political pressure over their various failures, they are keen to try and shift the discussion to something else.

It also lets them virtue-signal as WOKE “leaders.”

Vast majority of Albertans oppose name change

As per usual, the virtue-signallers are offside with common sense. An Insights West poll shows 71% of Albertans believe the name “Edmonton Eskimos” is acceptable, while a mere 12% say it’s not. 17% were undecided.

Canada-wide, 57% say the name is acceptable, with 21% saying otherwise and the rest undecided.

So, both Trudeau and Notley are taking a fringe position.

At a time when the energy industry is under siege and Canada faces serious issues, Trudeau & Notley are desperately trying to distract people, and that’s why they are going all in on virtue-signalling.

Frankly, it’s an embarrassment.

Trudeau and Notley should listen to the people of Alberta and Canada, leave the team name alone, and move on to real issues.

Spencer Fernando

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