WATCH: Scheer Rips Trudeau For ISIS “Reintegration,” Tax Hikes, Terrible AG Report, & Ethics Investigations

“You cannot trust this Liberal Prime Minister. Everything he touches turns into a disaster,” says Scheer.

The revelations exposing the true nature of the Trudeau government keep adding up.

From an Auditor General report revealing widespread government incompetence (despite billions in new spending), Trudeau’s insane plan to offer “reintegration services” for returning ISIS fighters, tax hikes on Canadians, and ongoing ethics investigations, the total failures of the Trudeau government are impossible to ignore.

Speaking in the halls of Parliament, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer ripped Trudeau, saying “everything he touches turns into a disaster.”

Watch Scheer’s comments below:

Fighting back

Millions of Canadians will be glad to see Scheer’s tougher stance lately fighting back against Trudeau. Especially in the wake of the ISIS “reintegration services” insanity, it seems clear that the Opposition is taking off the gloves. Whether that tough approach lasts remains to be seen.

Repeatedly and strongly exposing the massive gap between the image Trudeau tries to project and the terrible reality of his “leadership,” is essential to overcoming the establishment narrative and getting the truth to the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Andrew should ask for the resignation of jihadi Justin who is putting our country in serious danger. Unfortunately for the cpc, they do not have the luxury of the media to help them out delivering their message as Justin and liberals have and had for decades. How many Canadians throughout this country know what the cpc did for them when under PM Harper? Not many I’m sure. All they know is what the media tells them other than that, the general public have very limited knowledge to the previous gov. Andrew Scheer is lucky to have said what he has… Read more »


nothing but the truth . well said . trudeau is nothing but a pile of . shame the lib.


It is maddening to see video of questions all Canadians need answered put to the Liberals every day and all we get are sub-intelligent childish grunts that rarely have anything to do with the question. Liberals hold Parliament and Canadians in contempt.


stupidity is no excuse for what truduh is doing to our country…


The strength and logic of Scheer s arguments cannot be discounted ..this is the heart of trustworthy management !!! of course some prefer management by SOCKS AND CURLS !!