DUMB: Toronto District School Board Removes Police From Schools

TDSB puts political correctness ahead of safety.

The Toronto District School Board – already known for being far-left virtue signallers – has voted to remove police from all TDSB schools.

For a long time, police were deployed through the Resource Officer Program, often in schools that are in high-crime neighbourhoods, where an increased police presence is needed even more. In fact, the program began about a decade ago, after student Jordan Manners was shot at C.W. Jefferys School.

Of course, in today’s era of political correctness, the police are often unfairly demonized, especially be those on the left playing identity politics.

And that kind of far-left thinking is what led to the TDSB vote.

As noted in the Toronto Star, one TDSB councillor said, “Our schools are meant to reinforce the power of education and not the power of stigmatization.”

Apparently recognizing that certain areas have lots of crime and putting police in schools there is “stigmatizing,” as opposed to a common sense reaction to the facts on the ground.

One group supporting the change was the ‘Latinx, Afro-Latin America Abya Yala Education Network.’ Their chair called the removal of police “a bold stance for equity.”

That makes no sense at all.

Unless equity somehow means doing less to fight crime, it’s crazy to think that removing police from schools helps anybody.

Instead, it will make schools in dangerous areas less safe, and represents an approach that puts anti-reality feel-good political correctness ahead of the obvious recognition that having police in potentially at-risk schools is a smart idea.

Ironically, that’s what students believe too.

A poll of thousands of TDSB students found a majority felt the program made schools safer, but the TDSB instead listened to a vocal minority and removed the cops anyway:

“While 57 per cent said having police in school made them feel safer, 46 per cent said they weren’t sure they wanted the program to continue. But 1,715 (11 per cent) said the presence of an officer intimidated them and 2,207 — or 14 per cent — said they felt watched and targeted as a result.”

That shows how dumb this TDSB decision is.

A majority of students felt safer with the police there, but the TDSB is getting rid of it because a smaller group didn’t like it.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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