REVEALED: Trudeau’s Top Fundraising Buddy Linked To $8 MILLION Trust In Offshore Tax Haven

Trudeau was quick to accept the explanations of his elitist buddy, but a new report reveals that Stephen Bronfman is connected to an $8 MILLION Cayman Islands trust.

According to the report, “Newly discovered documents from the Paradise Papers show the Liberal Party’s top fundraiser, Stephen Bronfman, was directly linked to companies that were owed millions by an offshore Cayman Islands trust well into the 2000s — despite his strong denials he had any involvement in the trust after 1998.”

Additionally, “The documents show how a Delaware-based company closely connected to the Montreal-based financier was owed $8 million from the Kolber Trust, set up for former Liberal Sen. Leo Kolber and his family in the no-tax Cayman Islands.”

This seems to contradict the earlier claim – which Trudeau quickly accepted – that“Stephen Bronfman had no other direct or indirect involvement whatsoever in the Kolber Trust.”

While Bronfman didn’t do anything illegal, the fact that a close buddy of Trudeau and a top Liberal fundraiser is using an offshore trust will enrage many Canadians.

After all, Trudeau went after Canada’s local businesses, and the government tried to brand Canadians as tax cheats. Meanwhile, the elites and Trudeau’s buddies use offshore tax havens and the government does nothing.

Also, notice how quick Trudeau was to accept Bronfman’s (now doubtful) explanations, when he would never give the rest of us Canadians the benefit of the doubt like that.

Once again, Trudeau shows that there’s one set of rules for the elites, and another for everybody else.

So much for all that “tax fairness.”

Spencer Fernando

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truduh!’s transparent government at work… (sarcasm intended)

don morris

I will say,again, Trudeau and his one percenter friends have to be the target of the CPC and Scheer’s campaign to unseat them.So far,I haven’t heard much on this idea from Scheer, but as there are four byelections coming up next month,they should be testing the mood of voters by using some of the progressives very successful tactics,on THEM. Trudeau and Morneau,and better yet,the Bronfmans, can be attacked as Saul Alinsky rules read,”Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” It might be a bit embarrassing if anyone brought up the fact that the Bronfmans were allowed to… Read more »

Wendy Lush

“…notice how quick Trudeau was to accept Bronfman’s (now doubtful) explanations…”

Err.. it is not up to Trudeau to pass judgement here. This is a criminal matter.

Or is it King Justin now.

What the H#ll is going on in this country??

Wendy Lush

The Trudeau majority was funded and won by corrupt money, namely Stephen Bronfman’s tax avoidance scam.

The Trudeau majority win is therefore null and void, and we must have new elections in Canada immediately. We can start this process by petitioning the Governor General, or perhaps even the Queen herself if need be.