UNBELIEVABLE: Trudeau Government NOT TRACKING Program To “Deradicalize” ISIS Fighters In Canada

How the hell does the Trudeau government expect us to believe they care about our security if they aren’t even tracking these programs?

Just days after telling Canadians that we should trust in how the government is handling returned ISIS fighters in Canada, a new report reveals that the government is not even tracking how many of those returned fighters are getting deradicalization programs.

Notes the report, “The new Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence is supposed to be on the front line of this fight. It funds research and programs that “aim to prevent and counter radicalization to violence at the individual level. But the government doesn’t know how many radicalized people are actually being spoken to, or who they are. Public Safety Canada says it can’t provide statistics because the centre does not directly intervene with radicalized individuals. Moreover, the groups the centre funds tend to focus on research over action.”

This is a huge problem, and it’s very disturbing.

Not only is the government refusing to eliminate ISIS fighters overseas, and not only are they refusing to arrest them and charge them with treason when they return to Canada, but they aren’t even tracking whether the heavily hyped “de-radicalization” programs are even being used.

This makes it fully clear that – as I said before – Canadians are being thrown to the wolves by our weak and pathetic government. Whether it’s incompetence or something more sinister, the innocent Canadian people are being put at serious risk because of the weakness of our government.

If the government can’t even take action to deal with those who fought for a horrendously brutal terror organization that explicitly called for the murder of Canadians, why the hell should we trust them on anything else?

Spencer Fernando

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