Trudeau Government Hasn’t Updated Maryam Monsef’s Citizenship Documents

Monsef’s documents had said she was born in Afghanistan, when she was actually born in Iran.

Maryam Monsef – minister for the status of women in the Trudeau government – doesn’t yet have updated citizenship documents, a year after it was revealed that the birthplace on the original documents was incorrect.

Monsef is said to have believed that she was born in Afghanistan, but her mother later told her that she had been born in the city of Mashhad in Iran.

As noted in a recent report, “At the time, Monsef said her parents fled Afghanistan as the security situation there deteriorated and that after her father was killed, her mother never discussed what the minister described as the unspeakable pain of those early years — until media inquiries prompted Monsef to press her for details.”

As noted in a recent report, Monsef’s passport may contain incorrect info, and the government doesn’t seem interested in discussing it:

“There’s just nothing to tell,” said Monsef, who made it clear she did not wish to be questioned about it further. “I’m as Canadian as you are. The paperwork is done and when there is news, I will be sure to share it with you.” Celia Canon, a spokeswoman for Monsef, did not answer follow-up questions about the matter, including whether Monsef was still travelling on a passport containing erroneous personal information.”

Special treatment for Monsef?

A concerning aspect of the Monsef situation is how it seems she is being afforded a benefit of the doubt that wasn’t applied to other people facing similar issues.

If the average Canadian had a passport with possibly fake info, and had an issue with official government documents, they would be in trouble.

Yet, it seems Monsef is given a pass since she is a part of the government elite.

People without Monsef’s access to power could potentially face deportation for similar issues, in what is a terrible double standard.

It’s similar to how Trudeau was so quick to accept the explanations of top fundraiser Stephen Bronfman regarding the Paradise Papers, when the government never gives that kind of deference to the rest of us.

In Trudeau’s vision of Canada, those at the top get to play by one set of rules, while they use the power of the state to enforce far tougher rules on the rest of us.

Spencer Fernando

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