DESPICABLE: Trudeau Government Cuts Pay Of Injured Special Ops Forces, While Planning To Spend Taxpayer Money On Returning ISIS Fighters

A continuing pattern has emerged under Trudeau: Those who hate Canada get rewarded, while those who stand on guard for our country get betrayed.

Before Remembrance Day, I reported on a decision by the Trudeau government to slash the pay of injured Canadian special ops forces:

According to the report“The new rules mean that personnel with the Canadian Special Operations Forces — many of whom work on top-secret missions across the globe — will lose the special compensation if illness or injury restricts their duties for more than 180 days.”

Additionally, “Paratroopers, submarine crews, pilots and air crews, rescue technicians and ships’ crews are also among the affected.”

Some injured special ops forces members could lose up to $23,000 over a six month time period.

Those disgraceful cuts are sickening enough on their own. But in the context of the Trudeau government offering taxpayer funded “rehabilitation services” to returning ISIS fighters instead of eliminating them, or jailing/deporting them, it’s even more disgusting.

This means that at the very same time as injured Canadian Forces members in special ops units lose money, our taxpayer dollars could be spent on people who were just overseas trying to kill those same special ops forces and attack our allies.

It’s insane, and it is a sign that the Trudeau government and the elitist political class has become totally unmoored from any sense of reality, common sense, or justice.

Those who hate and oppose our country must be punished, while those – like special ops troops – who respect and serve our country must be rewarded.

The fact that the government has this backwards is despicable.

Spencer Fernando

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