FAILURE: The Trudeau Government Isn’t Measuring How Many Veterans Are Being Hired By The Public Service

The government blames the Phoenix pay system, but if they really cared, they would find a way.

The previous Conservative government took steps to hire more Veterans in the public service, as a way to ensure good-paying jobs for those have served our nation.

That program was called the Veterans Hiring Act, and was introduced in 2015 – while Harper was in power.

However, the Trudeau government is now saying that progress in the program can’t be tracked, and they’re blaming the Phoenix pay system.

According to a report, “The Veterans Affairs internal document explains that hiring data comes from the government’s pay system, which means that the Public Service Commission, the federal agency responsible for collecting these statistics, has no data to work with.”

This is said to specifically effect stats relating to the Veterans Hiring Act, including Veterans who were given a priority placement status just below those who had been released due to medical conditions including PTSD.

As a result, not only are stats on hiring not fully known, but many Veterans in the public service are having trouble getting paid, as Carl Gannon, head of the Veterans Affairs employee union made clear:

“He said the Phoenix problem is also having another effect. It’s causing a lot of stress for veterans working for departments such as Veterans Affairs and National Defence — the two departments that hire the most vets — who don’t know if they’re getting paid this month, or the next. “We’re talking about people not getting their paycheques. They’re coming to work…and sometimes going a month, two months without getting paid. That’s hard to deal with if you have PTSD…It’s a catastrophic situation.”‘

Now, we are at the absurd situation in which the government can’t even pay Veterans in the public service on time, yet is musing about how they will spend taxpayer money on returning ISIS fighters.

Of course, if the Trudeau government really cared about helping Veterans in the public service, they could easily set up a separate system for them until the Phoenix debacle is fixed.

Once again, when it comes to spending taxpayer money, it seems Trudeau is only willing to go above and beyond for those who hate Canada, while those who bravely served our nation get ignored and disrespected by the government once again.

Spencer Fernando

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