WATCH: Showdown In Parliament Over Trudeau’s Dangerously Weak Policy On ISIS Fighters

Opposition fights back against the Trudeau government’s insane “ISIS reintegration” plan.

When people hear about the Trudeau plan to give returning ISIS fighters “reintegration services,” the first reaction is disbelief, then outrage.

Most Canadians have the common sense idea that anyone who fights for ISIS has no business even being within our borders.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau government disagrees with that common sense position.

The Conservatives have been fighting back in Parliament, bringing attention to how dangerous Trudeau’s policies could be, and how wrong it is for the government to be spending our taxpayer money on people who hate Canada and fought for a brutal terror group overseas.

Below, watch a tough exchange in Parliament between the Conservatives, and the Trudeau Liberals who are desperate to spin their way out of their horrendous ISIS policy:

The Trudeau Liberals can lie and spin all they want, but nothing changes the ongoing pattern of them spending our tax dollars on enemies of Canada, while taking money away from Canada’s defenders, putting Canadians at risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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It appears as though the Liberals are pro-treason…if not Pro-Islamic terrorist.


TRAITORS!!! NON CONFIDENCE!!! These fools need to be GONE!!!


The current government is out of control, should never have been placed there , led by a fake wanna-be and a sheepish herd of lame thinkers …the show has become ludicrous and laughable in spite of some of the most critical issues seen today in society since decades !

Marlin Kane

I agree! MPs should cross the floor and there should be a vote of Non Confidence! Things are getting worse with each passing day!

CJ Beverly

How many Canadian Soldiers were killed or mained by these Foreign terrorist travellers…Trudeau paid 10.5 million $$$$$ for an american soldier….How much for a CANADIAN SOLDIER$$$$.


How many Canadian Soldiers were killed or mained by these Terrorist travellers? Trudeau paid 10.5 million for an American Soldier. What’s the payout for a Canadian soldier………

lynn alba

Returning isis fighters, YES returning them to the countries they fought in against Canadian soldiers. Take away their Canadian passports for treason. What the hell is he thinking of. Impeach Trudeau. Is he trying to be Mr nice guy and take selfies with these ragheads?




It is George Soro’s, the Pope, Rothchild’s and the lady across the pond who are really responsible for this mess.

Is it time for a Lawful Rebellion?
To petition the Queen in accordance with clause 61 of the Magna Carta in protest of the treasonous act of this Prime Minister. Will she do anything? NO
(google) Clause 61 Magna Carta (1215)

Tony hamilton

Nothing you can say that hasn’t been said ,dangerous

Bill Horne

How can any reasonably intelligent Canadian feel safe with a clown and incompetent Ralph Goodale as Minister of Public Safety


Another example of liars to not answer the questions, important to Canadians. There is no way any person who fought against CANADIAN ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL, SHOULD EVER EVEN BE CONSIDERED, TO BE ALLOWED TO LIVE IN CANADA. HOW DARE JUSTIN TRUDEAU THINK HE CAN ANSWER FOR US, HE IS A TRAITOR TO CANADA, AND HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED, OR AT THE VERY LEAST, REMOVED FROM POWER. Never in the history of Canada have we had a traitor in power, and worst of all, a traitor who openly stands against CANADA, AND HER PEOPLE. DOWN WITH JUSTIN TRUDEAU, AND EVERY… Read more »