CONFUSION: Goodale Now Says There’s “Pretty Remote” Chance Of “Reintegrating” ISIS Fighters

The Trudeau government isn’t arresting ISIS fighters, they’re not eliminating them overseas, and now, they aren’t even sure “reintegration” programs will work. So what exactly are they doing?

The most important goal of any national government is to ensure the security of the country. Without security, nothing else really matters.

And yet, this basic truth is seemingly being ignored by the Trudeau government.

Each day brings a new revelation about their disturbingly weak strategy for dealing with returning ISIS fighters, and it just seems to keep getting worse.

First, we learned that – unlike our allies in the United States, Britain, France, and Australia (among many others) – the Trudeau government was not taking steps to eliminate ISIS fighters on the battlefield to prevent them from coming back to Canada.

Then, we learned that the government was planning to provide so-called “reintegration services” for returning ISIS fighters, using taxpayer dollars to coddle people who were part of a murderous death cult.

Not long after, we discovered that the government wasn’t even tracking the programs meant to “deradicalize” (as if that’s even possible), returned ISIS fighters.

And now, to cap it off, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale now says that the possibility of “reintegrating” these ISIS fighters is “pretty remote.”

Said Goodale, “If you want to have a good solid hope of some kind of successful intervention, it has to be at a much earlier stage. You have to prevent the problem before it exists.”

That raises the following question: If the Trudeau government isn’t taking the same steps as our allies, and if they don’t even think “reintegration” will happen, then what the hell are they doing?

Apparently, we are expected to just take the government at their word when they say returning ISIS fighters are being watched, despite the total confusion and incompetence demonstrated by Trudeau and his ministers so far.

Amid this chaos and confusion, the only thing that has become clear is that the government has no interest in taking tough measures to protect Canadians, and is naively hoping for the best.

As a result, they are putting all Canadians at serious potential risk, and are totally failing in their duty to keep our nation and citizens safe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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These militants aren’t just fighters. They’re religious fighters. Deprogramming would be the 1st step in reintegration, if deprogramming worked. It doesn’t. Concentration camps maybe? Our very own Gitmo? Not our style. Just let them blend in with the rest of us and hope they play nice.
Trustin Justin.

Andy Turnera

Spencer, keep up your attack on Trudeau’s weaknesses…never stop….love ya brother

D. Jerome Hauk

The raison d’être of a Muslim is to convert the world to Islam and establish thereon a caliphate under sharia law. This is prescribed in the Koran. It may very well be that “ moderate” Muslims are willing to live and let live, but that means deciding to ignore parts of the Koran. The puts them in an awkward position in that the Koran is held to be the final Word and cannot be changed. Certainly, the so-called Islamists are living to the code as prescribed. It is therefore quite impossible to de-radicalize these individuals. Being killed while battling the… Read more »

Eric S Holl

If leaving the country to fight for a terrorist organization is not in the crimminal code it should be written into law immediately. With accompanying penalties and penitentiary terms.

Roger Shelswell

The liberals and trudope have not known what they have done or what to do since they have been elected.So their dilemma with this is no surprise


Jihadi Justin ‘already’ made his claim to integrate the Isis into our midst and nothing we do or say or Goodale tries to decorate and re-decorate his comments statements can change the outcome. Period.
Goodale is not dealing with farmers whom he jailed for ‘selling their own wheats’; he is dealing with cut-throats, terrorists. OUR FATE IS ALREADY SEALED WITH JIHADI JUSTIN TRUDEAU IN GOV.
The media? well, they would rather protect Jihadi Trudeau than their own country from him.

Gerry Burnie

Does anyone else get the sense that the Trudeau government is thrashing around like a fish out of water? Lurching into the future one f*ck-up at a time?

No matter what comparison or analogy you place upon it, the reality if always worse.

Sylvia McHugh

It is definitely time for Ralph Goodall to retire and to take JT with him before this country is totally ruined. AND why are illegal immigrants given one cent of our hard earned money. Why did Trudeau give our money to the Clinton foundation.Trudeau, charity begins at home. PLEASE no more so called refugees and illegals and criminals. We have more than our share in Toronto.

Eddy Torrey

On election night, Ralphie was interviewed regarding his national security posting. If you recall, he rocked back and forth on a seat like a grade 3 kid sitting in the principal’s office awaiting discipline! He’s a career politician. Never had a real job. And doesn’t have a clue! Reginans who voted him in need to shake their heads!!!

Eric S Holl

Leaving the country to join a terrorist organization of any persuasion should be ensconced in the crimmal code of canada replete with accompanying penalties and incarceration periods.

Sheryl Demers

I just do not understand how this can happen in our country. Conservatives are saying again and again they are holding Justin Trudeau to account but Justin just keeps doing as he pleases. This does not appear to be democracy but a dictatorship