Wasteful Parliament Hill Rink (That Bans Hockey) Exemplifies Everything Wrong With Government Spending

$5.6 MILLION rink that nobody was asking for shows how little the government cares about wasting our taxpayer dollars.

This is Canada. So, you would think that a basic idea behind any public rink would be allowing hockey.

Yet, only the government could be so incompetent as to build an expensive $5.6 million rink that is only open for a few months, and doesn’t even allow hockey.

While the rink itself is a total waste, it also exemplifies the deeper arrogance behind how the government treats our taxpayer money.

The government doesn’t feel the direct impact of their spending decisions. Politicians (particularly government ministers) are paid a high salary, get many expenses taken care of, exercise centralized power, and have entire communications departments to spin their actions – no matter what those actions are.

As a result, the money that comes in to the government from taxpayers seems like an abstraction, rather than representing the hard work of real people throughout the nation. And the consequences for how that money is spent is often far-removed from those responsible for that spending.

It’s especially bad under governments like the Trudeau Liberals – who have an elitist attitude of centralizing money and power in the federal government, rather than respecting local jurisdictions. For example, the city of Ottawa already has great rinks, and nobody was asking for another one. Building a rink isn’t exactly a job for the federal government – especially outside Parliament where it just looks like a vanity project.

The solution to this kind of waste is a big decentralization of power. The federal government should get much smaller, and focus on a few core objectives like national infrastructure, a strong military defense, and foreign policy.

Other decisions, and more money, should be kept at the local level, with local town councils and city governments having more power relative to the federal government. This would put decisions and influence at a level where individual citizens can have more of an impact, instead of being forced to watch foolish waste like spending money on a rink that doesn’t even allow Canada’s national pastime.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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