Conservatives Raise Questions About 2015 Sale Of Morneau Shepell Shares

Opposition Finance Critic questions timing of sale.

The Conservatives are raising more questions about Bill “Moneybags” Morneau.

Per the CP, “Inside the House of Commons today, Tory MPs peppered Morneau with questions about the timing of the sale of $10 million worth of shares in his family-founded human resources firm, Morneau Shepell. Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre says a motion introduced by Morneau in December 2015 to raise income taxes on the highest earners caused the entire stock market to drop — including Morneau Shepell’s share price.”

680,000 Morneau Shepell shares were sold before that legislation was announced, and Poilievre asked repeated questions about it, which Morneau avoided as usual.

The government pushed back, and hinted that the Conservatives wouldn’t make the same charges outside of the House of Commons – due to differing legal protections.

However, that attempt by the government to suppress discussion only underscores how concerned they are by yet another series of tough political questions surrounding them.

Moneybags is already under fire for not recusing himself from pushing a pension bill that could have benefited Morneau Shepell, and for not putting his assets in a blind trust.

Spencer Fernando

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