WARNING: Ensaf Haidar Warns Canada About Danger Of Thinking Jihadists Can Be “Integrated” Into Society

Haidar – the wife of Saudi prisoner of conscience Raif Badawi – is giving Canada an important warning.

The warning comes as the Trudeau government is taking a totally weak approach to dealing with returning ISIS fighters, foolishly thinking terrorists can be reintegrated into Canadian society.

Here’s Haidar’s warning:


Ensaf Haidar knows exactly what she’s talking about. Her husband Raif Badawi is in jail in Saudi Arabia for the “crime” of “insulting Islam.”

Saudi Arabia once thought they could “appease” the Islamists and it ended up with that country becoming one of the most repressive Islamist states of all time.

The fact that Haidar is warning Canada against making the same mistake shows how horribly out of touch the government has come with basic common sense.

Canadians must heed this warning, and we must ensure the defeat of any government that makes the incredibly dangerous mistake of thinking Jihadists can be appeased.

True leaders must recognize the truth. Canada and our civilization is at war against a radical Islamist ideology, and appeasement will only lead to the loss of our security and our freedom.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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