WARNING: Ensaf Haidar Warns Canada About Danger Of Thinking Jihadists Can Be “Integrated” Into Society

Haidar – the wife of Saudi prisoner of conscience Raif Badawi – is giving Canada an important warning.

The warning comes as the Trudeau government is taking a totally weak approach to dealing with returning ISIS fighters, foolishly thinking terrorists can be reintegrated into Canadian society.

Here’s Haidar’s warning:


Ensaf Haidar knows exactly what she’s talking about. Her husband Raif Badawi is in jail in Saudi Arabia for the “crime” of “insulting Islam.”

Saudi Arabia once thought they could “appease” the Islamists and it ended up with that country becoming one of the most repressive Islamist states of all time.

The fact that Haidar is warning Canada against making the same mistake shows how horribly out of touch the government has come with basic common sense.

Canadians must heed this warning, and we must ensure the defeat of any government that makes the incredibly dangerous mistake of thinking Jihadists can be appeased.

True leaders must recognize the truth. Canada and our civilization is at war against a radical Islamist ideology, and appeasement will only lead to the loss of our security and our freedom.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Alci B

Canadians know the danger , we are not the problem , it the criminals we have in government.

Chris vrecko

Amen! This govt. Is going to be the demise in Canada thanks to all those that were to selfish to realize that an ounce of Marijuana is not worth bringing the country to it’so knees.

Chris vrecko

Better believe it!


Dictator Justin ALREADY made that vow ‘when he told his own caucus without any of them batting an eyelid instead applauded him when ‘he told them that he supports terrorists keeping their citizenships’ The returning jihadis into society proves his point. Even the media were please at first to Justin’s commitment to terrorists as they are now as you can see they are unperturbed.
Canada voted for this radical leader into government. Now, Canada is going to face what they created and endorsed.

Don Taylor

The liberal disease is our govt and these Globalists are the real danger to Canada

Larry Zaganella

There were warnings. Trudeau (as an MPP) was very upset about adding forced marriage and female genital mutilation in the Canadian citizenship guide and calling BARBARIC. He was somewhat surprised at the outcry and finally said ok ok it’s barbaric. And it was one of the first things he took out when elected Prime Minister. It’s no longer in there. Always involved in the Islamic groups. Never criticize anything Islamic. His brother doing pro Iran videos. There are other things too. First call from Obama to congratulate him winning he tells him he’s removing the combat forces fighting ISIS. Crying… Read more »

Chris vrecko

You me and many many others. We saw the writing on the wall, from the horrid experience with his dear old dad (sarcasm). I knew he would win because of vote splitting but by God if people don’t get it before the next election we might as well move because it won’t be a Canada we recognize. Those that voted for NDP and Libtards oh, and green are traitors to this beautiful country of Canada. The worst are those that voted liberal just so they could smoke Marijuana legally. I don’t think the world has a worse leader then trudum,… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

I had repeatedly warned Canadians on MANY chat-lines and comments sections, only to be dismissed as paranoid and a “conspiracy theorist” by the feeble-minded left-wing liberal simpletons… BEFORE the elections! The elections were like a train wreck unfolding before your eyes, you could see it happen and but no matter what you try, there’s nothing you can do!! Now these imbecilic left wing liberals are in denial because they don’t want their delicate liberal sensibilities upset….