REPORT: Former Ambassador Says China Wants To Import Workers Into Canada As Part Of Free Trade Deal

A free trade deal with China would mean lower wages and even worse conditions for Canadian workers.

Guy Saint-Jacques – Canada’s former Ambassador to China – says China will demand the ability to import Chinese citizens into Canada as workers as part of any free trade deal.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, Saint-Jacques said China “will want to have full access to our natural resources, including uranium mining. They will want an expansion of trade in services. They will want to be able to bring Chinese workers to Canada.”

He added, “At the end of the day, it will be a question of sitting down and saying, ‘okay – if we make concessions as the Chinese want, are we really sure that we are getting enough in exchange?’ “

Unsurprisingly, Saint-Jacques still says “We have to proceed with these talks,” since most of Canada’s elite class could care less about the severe damage such a deal would do to Canadian workers and Canada’s national sovereignty.

We know that many of the elites don’t really see themselves as Canadian citizens, and are much more comfortable attending events around the world with their globalist buddies. So, because a free trade deal between Canada and China would make the elites and global corporations richer, they support it, despite the damage it will do to Canada’s ability to control our own future and the devastating impact it will have on our workers.

Canadian workers would pay a serious price if China was able to import workers, as wages would go down, jobs are taken away from Canadians, and the leverage of each Canadian worker is eroded.

Additionally, Canadian citizens would lose even more control over our country, as decisions made in Beijing would hold increasing sway over our lives.

That’s why a Canada-China free trade deal must be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

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Little Johnny

I know a guy who worked IT for one of our major Potash producers. They found their network was breached years ago by hackers. They traced it back to the Chinese government. The data they were hacking was among other things the cost per ton to produce potash. China was stealing their data to try to drive the sale price down, being one of the largest consumers. The corporation got CSIS and the canadian government involved. They were told to allow it to continue but place fake data on their servers to make it look like their production cost was… Read more »


I agree with you entirely he should be jailed for treason, his assets seized along with his pensions and foundation, passport permanently revoked also.

Bill Mason

Of course this idea is so diversified pecker head will go for it.
“Let them eat cake”


our man-child is just not qualified to be a dog walker… never mind negotiate…


If the idiot boy child sells Federally owned airports and harbours as has been rumored, China will very quickly staff them with Chinese citizens and soldiers as ” security guards”. Strikes like the recent airport workers strike would be met with violence and arrests. They would also restrict ship traffic to whatever would be most beneficial to the Chinese. Forget about Korean cars like Kia. There would also be none of this delay regarding pipelines to the West coast. A Chinese representative would show up at a Burnaby council meeting with pictures of all the Council’s family members and a… Read more »


Keep Canada Canadian and produce our own natural resourses with our own people thank you

Jill Beach

I cant believe this is going on..while the PC’s want to fight over a vacation from over a year ago – mainstream media doesn’t mention it at all – I don’t see posts about it anywhere – I had to search the subject to get info – Canadians simply don’t know the risk we are really at here right now today with this…we are so screwed ** if we thought things were bad now…just wait till Canadians are handed lay off notices all across the country in Chinese state owned corporations in Canada so they can be replaced with chinese… Read more »