REPORT: New Liberal MPs Worried Moneybags Morneau Will Drag Them Down

As they should be.

The Hill Times is reporting that many new Liberal MPs are worried that Bill Morneau’s ethics issues could drag them and their party down:

Said one Liberal MP, “People [MPs] don’t understand why are we even dealing with it, doesn’t make any sense. They’re starting to be very concerned about the ethical implications of what’s going on, that’s essentially it. They feel the situation is not a happy one. The opposition parties are portraying us as a bunch of entitled elitists who are in government to look after themselves.”

Also, “Liberal MPs told The Hill Times that rookie MPs and MPs who were elected in the last election with close margins are especially concerned about the controversies, as every political mistake “affects” them and they could lose their seats.”

Of course, myself and many other Canadians have been saying the Trudeau Liberals are “entitled elitists” for some time now, and while the new Liberal MPs are surely worried about perceptions rather than actually opposing their own party, it’s quite interesting that they picked that same phrase.

At a certain point, perception literally is reality. After all, if millions of Canadians are seeing Morneau and the entire Trudeau government as entitled elitists just looking after themselves, that’s because that perception is accurate.

More people are seeing that the Trudeau government has been a giant fraud, built on an image of supporting the middle class while actually serving the entrenched elites and special interests at the expense of the middle class and Canadian workers.

Those Liberal MPs are right to be worried about the fraud being exposed.

Read the full Hill Times report here

Spencer Fernando

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don morris

Those rookies need to be talked to by some of the Old Guard,then they won’t be quite so nervous. Maybe Ralph Gooddale can give them a pep talk. I noticed in Q/P that not only Morneau,but Chrystia Freeland used the same tactics as Trudeau, beat around the bush and never address the question,let alone answer it,and the CPC doesn’t go after them,they just keep repeating the same question. The LPC is completely contemptuous of the Opposition,it shows in the almost comical way they deflect every question. The CPC has to make this an issue with the electorate,expose these crooks for… Read more »


It did not perturb those new liberal mps when their leader told them that he supports terrorists keeping their citizenship because he said so. They did not even react nor leave the party to warn their constituents of the endangerment Justin has in mind for their country.
They may grumble and be worried about their pensions but they already sold their souls to their leader that they are afraid to stand against him or even ‘cross the floor’.
That whole party is infested in corruption. They are dam lucky that the Canadian media is protecting them.


No, he won’t drag them down, not at all. ( sarc ) Leave all of them in place rather than cleaning house at the last minute before the next election, even Trudeau.


Those liberal mps were put their by their constituents therefore, matters of this magnitude that concens their employers(constituents) should be answered. Unfortunately, when it comes to the ‘liberal brand’ no one in that party dares go against it or else…. meaning their constituents are left hanging. In another aspect, if I was during business with Morneau, and this whole mess unfolded and Morneau refusal to answers questions, how is it I can do business with him when possible I can get screwed by him. Morneau refusal to answer serious questionS can cause businesses not to do any business with him… Read more »