TERRIBLE: Former NDP MP Tries To Get Foreign Court To Include Canadians In War Crimes Investigation

Canada shouldn’t be listening to foreign courts trying to pass judgement on our people.

It’s rare that a Canadian citizen – let alone a former Canadian Member of Parliament – calls upon a foreign court to investigate Canada.

Yet, that’s exactly what former NDP MP for Toronto-Danforth Craig Scott is doing.

As noted in a CBC report, “Craig Scott, an Osgoode Hall law professor who was defeated in the 2015 election, will hand deliver a 90-page brief to the court in the Hague, arguing that successive federal governments “abdicated” their responsibility to investigate reports of torture. He is urging Fatou Bensouda, who has been the ICC’s chief prosecutor since 2012, to make key Canadian politicians and military officers “central to any investigation.”

Apparently, Bensouda is planning to implicate the U.S. for war crimes, and Scott apparently wants Canadians to be investigated as well.

Canada should ignore the ICC

Despite Scott’s efforts, the International Criminal Court should be ignored by Canada. It’s unfortunate that Scott is trying to throw Canadians under the bus.

After all, Canada was dealing with a chaotic warzone and brutal terrorists, and it’s outrageous that any Canadians should get in trouble because of the judgement of a foreign court.

If the ICC goes after Canadians, the government should dismiss it entirely. No foreign court should ever have jurisdiction or influence over any Canadian citizen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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