WATCH: Bergen Challenges Moneybags To Reveal Assets He’s Owned While In Government

It should be very simple for Bill Morneau to show Canadians what assets he’s owned over the past two years. Yet, he continues to dodge the question.

Today in Question Period, Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen challenged Finance Minister Moneybags to reveal to Canadians what assets he’s owned while serving in government.

After all, considering the ethics issues he’s facing, and the immense power wielded by the Finance Minister, Canadians deserve to know the truth.

Watch the exchange in the video below:


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The questions continued:


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Questions repeatedly unanswered

Moneybags could have easily cleared everything up by showing more transparency for Canadians. Instead, as you can see in the video above, he tries to hide behind PMO talking points and leaves questions repeatedly unanswered.

No wonder almost nobody in the country trusts him with our national finances.

Spencer Fernando

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