ANGRY ELITIST: Moneybags Threatens Legal Action Over Questions Surrounding Sale Of Morneau Shepell Shares

At the very same press conference, he walked away without answering whether he had insider knowledge.

It looks like all the stress is getting to Moneybags Morneau.

As he dodges numerous ethics issues and avoids questions, he has seen his support among Canadians collapse, and more and more people think it’s time for him to go.

Yet, instead of telling Canadians what assets he owns and clearing up any concern about potential conflicts, Morneau held a press conference where he made angry threats towards the Opposition party.

Watch the angry elitist below:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Apparently, Morneau is the master of both the stock market and the legal system – quite the accomplishment for somebody who can’t balance the budget and can’t handle even the most basic questions.

Under pressure, Moneybags did what all elitists do and showed that he thinks he’s smarter than everybody else.

Of course, Canadians don’t want lectures, we want honesty. And it seems Moneybags and the entire Trudeau government are totally incapable of that.

If all Morneau has left are threats of legal action, he’s running on fumes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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well there is one thing sure about MONEYBAGS…it is he has the doe to take anyone to court … and given his position, he is liable to win …. not based on merit ….

Kevin F.

It is stunning to see that the liberal media is giving minimal attention to this ongoing scandal. The Finance Minister has been consistent in his refusal to answer directly any question about his obvious conflict of interest issues relating to his family business, Morneau-Shepell and tax changes he’s made as Canadian Finance Minister. Morneau’s latest threat to unleash the legal system on Polievre if he repeats his allegations outside the house is obviously the new Liberal strategy to change the channel. Knowing that Trudeau will never do the right thing and ask for Morneau’s resignation, I hope this continues until… Read more »


The ethics commissioner, Mary Dawson is running out the clock alright. She’s an old family friend of the Trudeau’s. She helped Pierre write up the constitution at Meech Lake in the early 80’s and has taken holidays with the family. Dawson along with Karen Shepard the Lobbying Commissioner are part of a court challenge by, Democratic Watch, for the six-month interim contracts Trudeau has all but forced on them. The parliament of Canada act says they can only issue one six month contact to these watchdog position after their seven-year term ends. In a clear violation of the rules, they… Read more »