CHAOS: Trudeau & Goodale Have Totally Conflicting Messages On Dealing With ISIS Fighters

Trudeau seems confident about “deprogramming” ISIS fighters. Goodale says the possibility is “pretty remote.” So which is it?

Read these two statements on dealing with returning ISIS fighters:

“If you want to have a good solid hope of some kind of successful intervention, it has to be at a much earlier stage. You have to prevent the problem before it exists.” – Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, who also called the possibility of integrating ISIS fighters “pretty remote.

“We have enforcement, surveillance and national-security tools that we use to a significant degree, but we also have methods of de-emphasizing or deprogramming people who want to harm our society, and those are some things we have to move forward on.Justin Trudeau

Those statements are contradictory.

Canada’s Public Safety Minister thinks the problem of returning ISIS fighters needs to be solved before it exists. (which would mean following the policy of our allies and eliminating the fighters overseas – which the government refuses to do)

Canada’s Prime Minister seems confident in de-emphasizing or deprogramming ISIS fighters within our country.

If this contradiction exists between the leader of the government and the person in charge of public safety, it reveals chaos and confusion within the government, which is the worst possible thing when facing a dangerous threat.

Personally, I bet that Goodale would prefer to do what Australia, the U.K., France, and the U.S. are doing overseas to eliminate ISIS fighters, but Trudeau is too weak to approve it.

Whatever the case behind the scenes, the end result is that Canadians are being put at potentially further risk because of the incompetence and weakness of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Bainard

Two things to consider here. First Goodale has been a liberal strongman for many years and knows that no matter what approach is taken, a strong realistic response is the only one that can possibly be accepted by the general public. Second Trudeau has a few things going against him that really piss him off. He had no choice but to give Goodale a significant portfolio otherwise the backroom boys would choke him. He can’t afford to alienate his muslim base (and the Aga Khan?) lest his voting base rebels. His latest attempts at anger he hopes will show him… Read more »

Wendy Lush

After listening to Trudeau’s inane response, I can only conclude that he is two beers short of a six-pack. He is NOT playing with a full deck.

Worst Prime Minister in Canadian history, no question. In fact, in Commonwealth history.


What is really the point of saving those ISIS fighters? Trudeau is suggesting to babysit people killers for what purpose? Trudeau wants to jeopardize the security of 36 million people and the stability of a country for a few irresponsible traitors? They are adults who have made decisions that are only theirs and have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Being a traitor is the greatest offense to a country and we have to send a clear message that Canada will not forgive individuals who put the country at risk, are selfish and specially promote death, torture, and… Read more »


Trudeau is a traitor too. And irresponsible. His job is to protect Canadians. His priority is to protect Jihadists who will always be a lethal danger, forever. What is the difference between Trudeau and the Jihadists? They both hate Canada and western civilization.


This should read –
Butts hasn’t told him how to deal with security and will speak to Ralphie to take him to teaks on his statement.


Task not teaks – damn auto correct!


“but we also have methods of de-emphasizing or deprogramming people who want to harm our society” – In the eyes of many Canadians these methods would involve various calibers.