DISGRACEFUL: Trudeau Accuses Conservatives Of “Islamophobia” For Opposing His ISIS “Reintegration” Plan

An incredibly disturbing moment from Trudeau.

Canada is under the “leadership” of somebody who thinks being worried about ISIS fighters within our borders is “fearmongering” and “Islamopobia.”

That’s the only conclusion we can draw after watching Trudeau’s incredibly disturbing and disgraceful answer to Andrew Scheer’s concerns about the danger of ISIS fighters being “reintegrated.”

Watch the exchange below:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.


There are a few incredibly disturbing things about Trudeau’s answer.

First, he always seems to show the most emotion when he’s opposing people calling for stronger security in Canada.

Second, his attempt to link concern about returning ISIS fighters to “Islamophobia” and “fearmongering” is insane. Fear is a completely logical response given the horrific ISIS terror we have seen throughout the world. Why the hell would we want to “reintegrate” that danger into our country instead of jailing or deporting the ISIS fighters?

What we are seeing is Trudeau trying to suppress debate about this real threat to Canada by denigrating and insulting Canadians who want to keep our nation safe.

It’s a total disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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So then Trudeau then is actually admitting that there is a LINK between Islam and Terrorists.
What a slip that is…EHHH Justina!!!

Chris vrecko

Lol, quick on the fingers loved it.

Ron Voss

Good catch. Text of e-411, the predecessor to M-103 and alluded to in M-103, declares,
“Recently an infinitesimally small number of extremist individuals have conducted terrorist activities while claiming to speak for the religion of Islam….These violent individuals do not reflect in any way the values or the teachings of the religion of Islam.”

Dave Bainard

This reply from Jr must have been well rehearsed. Note the missing ers, ahs and ums.




I would give him total and absolute credit for his lack of brains…the drugs had nothing to do with it …


I’ve noticed that when he’s mad, or his feelings are hurt, he doesn’t stutter! Never mind – as my saying goes – Karma is a bitch, and he’ll get his!!

Chris vrecko

Signed, thank you


Start a petition to evict him from the government. I’m sure there’s something we Canadians can do about him.

Sandra Parkyn

I have always said that since he became Prime Minister. Bravo


Canadian have learned that liberals can’t be trusted there evil

Roger Shelswell

This brain dead S/O/B has totally lost it.Surely to GOD, this is good enough reason to have it impeached.HE IS NUTS


Indeed he is …..


get the idiot out of the House …


To see the entire Liberal team stand up and applaud is even more disturbing.

Rocky Potuer

Exactly!! How can they all so blindly follow this constant babble that is very obviously destroying or undermining everything Canada and Canadians have built this great country into for the past 150 years? Absolutely incredible what this government is destroying on a daily basis!!


It’s strategy. Cultural wars create voting blocks. Straight vs gay/etc. Muslims vs Islamiphobia……global warming vs common sense deniers. Globalism vs nationalism. Etc…..etc….welfare vs workers…..etc….list is long


Yes the Entire Liberal Team stands up, applaud’s, nods….. the whole party is in agreement, totally insane. When you think you have seen the worst, it just keeps coming……SAD

Don Taylor

you have that right,they all have the same disease!

chris malmstrom

Gotta give credit where credit is due … about a year ago, our know nothing PM called regular Canadians who disagreed with his ideology on islamophobia, a bunch of “racists”. Now, in the house, the PCs call him on bringing unwanted terrorists into Canada … the moron hasn’t wavered on his views, he still wants the muslim vote and to make Canada a terrorist haven despite any security risks. He’s an Enemy of the State!

J.P McCool

Suppress debate! Finally someone figured out what I was trying to say,
Thanks Spencer.


Two words: war crimes

Jay Nicoll

Now it’s just insulting people, but when M103 goes up the chain and eventually becomes law, just questioning something like this stupid ISIS reintegrating crap could get you tossed in jail.


When you read the news about what is happening in Norway, Sweden and a like. And I have nothing to fear????????. Soon I won’t be safe in my own home let alone on the streets my tax dollar has paid for.

Garnet Boutilier

why is it every time this idiot comes up against opposition he always comes up with the line that Canadians want that or I am doing what Canadians asked me to do. Well I was born in Canada and served my country and I am a proud Army Veteran but please don’t include me as one of your Canadians that is asking you yo do this. I have an idea that might seem out there to some. Instead of waking up in the morning and thinking how can I piss Canadians off today why not try asking Canadians what they… Read more »

Chris vrecko

He learned that from obummer…….heard that sob say it every time he spoke!

Randy Ellenchuk

Very well put Garnet Boutilier … I stand with you, right by your side ….

Bruce Posch

When ISIS fighters return to the countries they came from, they are not miraculously changed back into choir boys. There is the good probability that the ISIS leadership is actually sending them back here to be ready to fight here against us. Also, when Canada becomes known as a soft touch, of course the ISIS will come here as Trudeau becomes known world wide as the idiot that allows it.


It was startling to see such a dramatic pivot away from his usual smug, smart-ass self in the House of Commons. It didn’t seem to me that he was acting; it looked like a genuine expression of anger at being hit in a sensitive area. Why would Justin Trudeau be suddenly so sensitive and angry when being asked to confront the jihadist threat in Canada? My only explanation is that he has an emotional attachment to the Muslim community, especially those who do not want to integrate into Canadian life – perhaps that he is even a closet convert to… Read more »

Wendy Lush

If it looks like a cuck, swims like a cuck, and quacks like a cuck, then it probably is cuck.


Canadian Criminal Code, Section 46-1 Paragraph C states:

Every one commits high treason who, in Canada, assists an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country whose forces they are. Ladies and gentlemen, our Prime Minister has committed High Treason against our country therefore making him invalid as a leader.


We know he is a traitor but how do we have him charged, Nathan?


Ex-Muslim Woman Confronts Trudeau “Jihadi Justin, You’re a Traitor”


Justin may fool Canadians and the media but he sure as hell not fooling this ex- muslim.


I don’t believe Trudope is fooling most intelligent Canadians, Jen….only the ones who are still wearing their rose-tinted glasses and who voted for him. Have you ever gone to his facebook page….the praise he receives from those who still support him is pathetic. I love leaving comments to get them riled up. I think they would still praise him even if one of their loved ones was murdered by someone who he allowed in to our country.


A phobia is an UNREASONABLE fear. Thus, Islamophobia is an oxymoron and cannot exist.


Why isn’t the RCMP investigating Trudope this joke of a man should be brought up on treason charges.

Wendy Lush

Ain’t gonna happen. The Prime Minister appoints the head of CSIS, and Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety, is responsible for CSIS and the RCMP, and Ralph Goodale is answerable to the Prime Minister.

Yes, we have an elected dictatorship in Canada.


Bill C-24: Trudeau Says Terrorists Shouldn’t Be Stripped Of Citizenship In Leaked Audio


What I saw in Justin is his ‘rise to jihad against those who goes against him.
The programme media can spin Jihadi Justin since they already submitted to his evil ways against his own country. JIHADI TRUDEAU IS A TRAITOR AND HIS LIB MPS ARE HIS DISCIPLES.


It is disturbing how he has claimed for years that ISIS and terrorists have nothing to do with Islam and now all of a sudden being against ISIS and terrorists is Islamophobic.

Trudeau is dangerous and is seems clearer every day that he is controlled by jihadist sharia Islamists. The Canadian security organizations and the RCMP would do well to take a closer look at the Liberals, particularly Trudeau. His obvious affection for terrorists and dictatorships might be bordering on treason.

Wendy Lush

Ain’t gonna happen. The Prime Minister appoints the head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and the elected officer responsible for CSIS and the RCMP is Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety, and Goodale is answerable to the Prime Minister.

Yes, we have an elected dictatorship in Canada.

Debbie C.

Not bordering, right over the edge.


The video in this link shows Justin telling the conservatives that he believes in canada as the country that does not opperate in or with fear. Though i am not a fan of Trudeau a hundred percent, what he just said about canada was the opposite of “DISGRACEFUL”


no, the only thing Canadians are guilty of is trying to preserve Canadian customs and identity. we only want people who love Canada in Canada…


Trudope is full of BS. It wasn’t the Conservatives who scared us…it’s Trudope and the Liberals because of all the things they have done to destroy Canada since 2015. We all know Trudope is in bed with Soros and I watched a video with Soros saying “before NWO can be bring in the economy of a country must totally collapse” This is exactly what Trudope is doing with Soros’ help…he is spending all our tax dollars on moslem countries and to hell with the people of Canada. He is a traitor to our country and as for Soros…I hear there… Read more »

Debbie C.

We, Canadians, along with our friends who know the story and see the problems they are having with the same barbarians will assist us in our hour of need and we will assist them if need be. #trumpforpresident

Disgruntled Canadian

ENOUGH!!!! Integrate? have you lost your marbles? Oh yes of course the drugs from your younger days have fried your f…..ing brain! Take care of your own people, your elderly, your veterans, the disabled!!!! Canada first and foremost!!!!


I’m going to pray for a good leader who believes in my God, The Father, The Son, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit


A bigger disgrace we’ve never experienced. Theremis seriously something g wrong with this guy, and he and his cronies need to be evicted as soon as possible. Just shameful.

Maryam McKinley

“Disturbing” is a good adjective. Is it just me or do you see the overly dramatic speeches of Hitler in this video clip? It makes me very uncomfortable when Trudeau demonizes the opposition and uses the Islamophobia slur. Trudeau definitely seems like a man on a mission – like he thinks he will save the world.

Wendy Lush

He’s on a mission to save his version of the world – and destroy ours, ie the old Canada.

Debbie C.

Or destroy it. #trumpforpresident

Lennie L’Heureux

Talk about dividing Canadians. These people have taken the pride out of being Canadian. It is a embarrassing time. I can’t wait for the next election. I ish we could one one sooner. Before it too late. I’m down to supplying my own security for my family. Until these nut jobs are out of power.


They’re protecting their jobs. Simple as that. Oh, and they could be protecting their emperor, but you can’t have one without the other, so back to protecting their jobs.

Anthony George

Our prime minister does not know that being a member of ISIS is not a mental illness but rather a Sunni religious duty.

The people cannot be cured because they are not sick.

They cannot be reintegrated because they are doing illegal acts of terrorism abroad, they should all be tried and sent to jail under our laws. After they spend their time in jail, perhaps then they can be ‘reintegrated.’


Can we get rid of this clown now? Is there any way?

stephen adler

I’m starting to notice that every time you put a video in place, that when I try and watch it , a message appears on the screen that say not available to view in your area , WTF is going on. I’m in Canada
just east of Vancouver, British Columbia,CANADA

Debbie C.

So, who cares if you call anyone a name. I could call you plenty. I was one of the dummies who voted for your terrible policies. I am so sorry I was so taken in, but for your own information I voted for you only because I wanted Harper out of there, he wasn’t worthy of the office either and the NDP this time will not be worthy with the leader they have. You are not worthy of the office you hold. Resign along with Morneau and the rest of your incompetent cabinet. You are a huge disappointment and a… Read more »


And now our “feminist” PM is removing “female genital mutilation” from the Citizenship Handbook … The book new Immigrants are supposed to study so they understand what is not allowed in this country. The Hypocrisy of JT knows no bounds!!!


Signed! When Trudeau’s mad, or his feelings are hurt, he doesn’t stutter and looks like he has spun out of control, has a temper tantrum because he has always been used to getting his own way. mental evil issues!! This is NOT a good representative of Canada!


Just remember everyone. Justin is our Hillary. This could have been happening in the States. It’s too bad they aren’t sitting up and taking notice of what’s going on here.



John Leonn

Start by cancelling any one’s passport who leaves the country to take up ISIS instruction in terrorism….. Don’t need for them to come back….Bye…. no $10 million payment ever again ….

maureen valley

I don’t believe this prime minister has the security of canadians in mind when he prefers the muslim terrorist fighters to us. The previous conservative government were not scaring us by being cautious. Justin Trudeau needs to educate himself on the dangers of Islam. It is a totally different culture and country that we are dealing with here. They follow the Koran and maybe the prime minister needs to read and familiarize himself with their beliefs and what they are told to do to infidels, namely christians and jews. Do you think Mr. Trudeau that we are all stupid and… Read more »

Pat Pell

We need to get him out of office NOW before he can do this. Good God people Canada’s security and Canadian security is at stake!

James Park

Maybe a detention centre should be placed at 26 Sussex Drive so JT can keep an eye on them and share daily prayers…

Dorine Essiambre

J’ai toujours trouvé exagéré que l’on parle de maladie mentale en ce qui concerne Trudeau …cette ci ça y es je suis convaincue ce gars es un vrai malade …quelque chose ne vas pas chez lui …….croyez je ne joue pas de sarcasme là je le pense vraiment cet homme es instable mentalement.

chris malmstrom

Dorine, if the people of Canada had any common sense like yourself, we wouldn’t be having any issues right now because the white water rafting guide/drama teacher never would have or should have been given the opportunity the embarrass Canada or it’s citizens, or to be allowed to put those citizens in harms way. Trudeau is an enemy of the state!