DISGRACEFUL: Trudeau Accuses Conservatives Of “Islamophobia” For Opposing His ISIS “Reintegration” Plan

An incredibly disturbing moment from Trudeau.

Canada is under the “leadership” of somebody who thinks being worried about ISIS fighters within our borders is “fearmongering” and “Islamopobia.”

That’s the only conclusion we can draw after watching Trudeau’s incredibly disturbing and disgraceful answer to Andrew Scheer’s concerns about the danger of ISIS fighters being “reintegrated.”

Watch the exchange below:


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There are a few incredibly disturbing things about Trudeau’s answer.

First, he always seems to show the most emotion when he’s opposing people calling for stronger security in Canada.

Second, his attempt to link concern about returning ISIS fighters to “Islamophobia” and “fearmongering” is insane. Fear is a completely logical response given the horrific ISIS terror we have seen throughout the world. Why the hell would we want to “reintegrate” that danger into our country instead of jailing or deporting the ISIS fighters?

What we are seeing is Trudeau trying to suppress debate about this real threat to Canada by denigrating and insulting Canadians who want to keep our nation safe.

It’s a total disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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