POLL: Huge Majority Of Canadians Oppose Restrictive Alcohol Monopolies

The sale of alcohol is clearly a job for the private sector, not the government.

A new Ipsos poll shows that a huge majority of Canadians are tired of the overbearing efforts of provincial governments to control the trade and transportation of liquor.

According to the CP, “The poll released today has 89 per cent of respondents saying they strongly or somewhat agree Canadians should be allowed to bring any legal product from one province to the other.

The issue has new relevance because of a case that will soon be in the Supreme Court.

The case stems from the 2012 arrest of Gerard Comeau. His “crime” was bringing alcohol from Quebec into New Brunswick.

As noted by the CP, “Comeau contested his ticket and his lawyers will argue in front of the Supreme Court in December that the fathers of Confederation wanted a single market for all products made in Canada.”

No need for government-run alcohol monopolies

The poll shows huge opposition to the government-run alcohol monopolies in Canada’s provinces, with less than 15% saying they agree with keeping the monopolies.

Also, 84% say Canadians should be able to make wine orders from any winery in Canada, and 78% say there should be no limit on how much alcohol bought in one province can be taken to other provinces.

Clearly, people recognize that the sale of alcohol is something that should be handled by the private sector.

Government-run monopolies do nothing but limit selection, increase prices, and put money in the hands of bureaucrats and politicians.

That should come to an end.

Spencer Fernando

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