Amid North Korea Threat, Government Opens Bunker For Federal Cabinet, But Still Refuses To Provide Canadians With Missile Defense

If the situation is serious enough for the government to open up protective bunkers in case of a nuclear attack, why the hell aren’t they providing missile defence protection for the Canadian people?

A new report reveals the government is re-opening a protective bunker used during the cold war for the federal cabinet.

It’s meant to ensure the continuity of government in case the federal capital was destroyed.

According to the report, “rising global tension, notably over North Korea, has prompted federal officials to review and in some cases revise a series of critical contingency plans, including one that involves the evacuation of the federal cabinet to a secure military base outside of Ottawa. The Privy Council Office, the bureaucratic wing of the Prime Minister’s Office, drafted an agreement with National Defence a year ago to open up bunkers on two military bases should the National Capital Region become “unviable,” according to documents obtained by CBC News under access to information legislation.”

Officials are apparently considering the threat of either a purposeful, or accidental missile strike perpetrated by North Korea.

This is a smart move by the government, as it’s important to have contingency plans in place.

However, this raises a serious question: If the government takes the North Korea threat so seriously that they’re reopening Cold War bunkers, why the hell aren’t they signing Canada on to the ballistic missile defence program?

The first job of the government is to defend the Canadian people, and right now we are under a potential threat. Canadians deserve the best security possible, and in today’s world that means providing Canadians with defence against a nuclear strike.

It’s not enough for the government to just protect the federal cabinet. The rest of us deserve security and protection as well.

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Bainard

Its not Kim’s nukes they’re worried about. It’s the ISIS hordes that has them concerned no matter how much Jr cries over them.


Is this just privy to the Liberal crew or the whole fed. Gov.? The rest of us just pray!!
Justine has and never will protect the citizens of Canada. When do we oust him and his cronies?


I think the point of not signing on to the Missile Defense is exactly NOT to protect Canada. Why waste good tax money on protecting Canadians, so many better places to give money to!


Using protection like this for Liberals is a disgusting waste. Let’s limit it for a Government that actually cares about Canada and Canadians.


That is a great question,why isn’t the government allowing missiles to protect us now they reopened the bunkers to protect them ,what about us?


How nice, the taxpayers pay to protect a government that refuses to protect the taxpayers. Or something like that.