POLL: Canadians Split On Whether Marijuana Legalization Should Be Delayed

Many also express doubts over whether provinces will be ready in time for the legalization deadline.

A new poll by Angus-Reid shows Canadians divided as to whether marijuana legalization should proceed on schedule.

47% want the deadline pushed back, while 53% want the current deadline (July 1, 2018) to remain.

68% of Conservatives want a delay, while the majority of both Liberals (67%), and New Democrats (57%) oppose a delay.

In three provinces – Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Quebec – a majority of respondents support a delay, while the majority in other provinces want to keep the same timeline.

The poll also shows 67% of Canadians supporting marijuana legalization, a large increase from historical public opinion in 2011 (47%), and 1975 (26%).

Three quarters of NDP and Liberal supporters support legalization, while Conservatives are split according to the poll, with 48% support legalization and 52% opposing it.

Lack of confidence in provinces

Despite the survey showing slight majority support for legalization, a clear majority of respondents say they lack confidence in their provincial government’s ability to be ready for the July 1 deadline.

Only 39% expressed confidence, while 55% lack confidence.

A tough issue for the opposition

With the Trudeau Liberals facing rapidly expanding scandals, they are likely to try and draw more attention to the legalization of marijuana as the deadline gets closer.

It’s an issue that is tough for the opposition, as the Conservatives must contend with a split among their voters, while the NDP base generally supports legalization.

However, with past polls showing a very small number of Canadians listing marijuana as their top political issue, legalization alone won’t overshadow everything else happening in the country.

Spencer Fernando

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