Report Reveals Moneybags’ Father Sold 200,000 Morneau Shepell Shares Before Tax Changes Announced

More questions for Moneybags.

Global News is reporting that they have “analyzed insider trading reports of the company and discovered that Morneau’s father sold a significant number of shares days before his son announced a major tax policy change.”

The report continues:

“Regulatory filings show that William F. Morneau Sr. sold 100,000 shares of Morneau Sheppell Inc. (MSI) at a price of $15.20 per share on Nov. 23, 2015, and sold another 100,000 shares on Dec 3, 2015, at a price of $15 a share. On Dec. 7, 2015, Morneau, the finance minister, tabled documents in the House of Commons which  announced his government’s intention to change tax rules that would increase taxes on wealthy Canadians as of Jan. 1. 2016.

In the days following the tax change, Morneau Shepell shares fell by 5.4%.

Apparently, neither Bill Morneau nor his father have responded to requests for comment on the sale of those 200,000 shares just days before the tax change announcement.

Morneau must go

Yesterday, Andrew Scheer called for Morneau’s resignation, and this new revelation will cause an even stronger demand for his ouster.

Everyday seems to bring a new instance of Morneau – or those connected to him – seeming to act in a way that reinforces Canadians worst fears of the elitists desire to use government to benefit their own interests at our expense.

Already facing an ethics investigation and repeated grillings in Question Period, Morneau will now have to answer (or more likely pathetically avoid) questions about his father and family business.

Only the most extreme partisan Liberals can now refuse to see that Morneau has totally overstayed his welcome, and has to go ASAP.

Read the full report on Morneau’s father’s stock sale.

Spencer Fernando

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Post updated to account for change in Global News report

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Duane Morrow

??? Morneau Sr. had to file a report of insider trading activity. Were the 680,000 shares that were sold (allegedly Bill Jr.) reported as insider trading activity. Insiders are authorized to buy or sell shares but not based on information that is not available to the public.

Ben Eby

Disturbing news again, regarding the Canadian Finance Minister and his insider trading events. This is now a daily occurrence in Canada’s parliament. Familiarity, however, is not in anyway acceptance of this criminal activity and the ministers silly, evasive, non-answers when questioned in parliament, and as well, he is no less nauseating to watch. The question now is…..when will the Liberal party recognize the enormity of this man’s disrespect for this country, and all Canadians, then forthrightly remove this pathetic thief and liar from parliament?


If this were anyone else, they would be facing charges and looking at prison time. Apparently the RCMP are just baggage handlers now under this unbelievably corrupt Liberal gov’t. Kind of makes a person lose all belief in our “justice” system.

Bruce Miller

Depends: One law for the Poor and another entirely different set of laws with hidden loopholes for Canada’s Uber Rich members of the “Old School” boys club of Old Money and Old Stock Liberal/conservative conspiracies complete with sets of Quid Pro Quo provisos. For over a century now, Canada has been milked by either Liberals or Conservatives leaving little on the plate for the average Canadian. Time now to look at the NDP?


Time to look to the NDP, give your head a shake. They may possibly not be corrupt, but as far as governing, look to the past, B.C., Ont., Manitoba, Sask., and now Alta., they are totally incompetent and not fit to govern a dog pound.


There are no “old stock Conservatives?


Has anyone investigated Trudeau? It is disturbing that he defends Morneau st strongly.


not surprised and disgusted at the same time…