Why Does Trudeau Show The Most Emotion When Defending People Who Hate Canada?

It’s been a recurring trend during his time in power: Trudeau shows his most genuine emotion when defending those who hate Canada, while attacking Canadians who want to keep our nation safe and secure.

Above all else, a Prime Minister must be loyal to their nation.

That means standing up for the safety and security of Canadians, ensuring that enemies of our nation are defeated and stopped before they can harm our people.

And it also means rewarding the vast majority of loyal citizens, while punishing those who hate the country.

This should manifest itself in the emotions shown by a Prime Minister.

They should show the most emotion when defending those who built our country (our troops, our seniors, workers, and families), and while denouncing those who want to hurt our country (terrorists and opposing nations).

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau seems to do the exact opposite. Firstly, he refuses to denounce radical Islamist terrorism by name. Second, when he speaks about those who defend Canada and built our country, he does so from prepared statements without emotion or any trace of genuine feeling. And third, he distances us from our traditional allies while sucking up to China and selling us out.

However, Trudeau shows intense emotion – and a noticeable absence of umms and uhhhs – when he’s either defending the “rights” of terrorists, or denouncing those who want to fight terrorism.

It’s been seen in his defence of Omar Khadr, his attack on those who want stronger national security, denigrating Canadians concerned about radical Islamism, and most recently, when he called Conservatives “Islamophobic” because they oppose his ISIS “reintegration” plan.

In all these instances, Trudeau shows his most genuine emotion while defending those who hate everything our country stands for.

This is deeply disturbing, as it raises serious doubts over Trudeau’s real commitment to Canada. At some level, he seems to dislike those who built our nation, while feeling some very odd impulse to stand up for those who hate our civilization and want to harm our country.

It’s very concerning for the future of our country, and it’s beyond obvious that Canada deserves far better from our Prime Minister.

Spencer Fernando

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