VIDEO: MP Mark Strahl Rips Elitist Trudeau & Morneau For Hiding Behind Family Fortunes & “High-Priced Bay Street Lawyers”

As Trudeau & Morneau threaten lawsuits against opposition members for asking questions, Conservative MP Mark Strahl reminds them that most Canadians don’t have a huge family fortune and pricey Bay Street lawyers backing them up.

Mark Strahl – Member of Parliament for Chilliwack-Hope – gave the elitist Trudeau Liberals an important reminder.

With Trudeau & Morneau threatening lawsuits against MPs for asking questions – daring them to ask the questions outside the House of Commons where MPs lack enhanced legal protections – Strahl pointed out that most Canadians can’t afford the pricey Bay Street lawyers used by the elites running our government.

After all, only a select few have the massive family fortunes bequeathed to Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau.

By issuing repeated threats, Trudeau & Morneau are showing that they’re willing to hide behind their family fortunes in an effort to suppress debate and dissent.

Watch Strahl’s strong statement – and the response – below:


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The people vs the elites

The previous Conservative government certainly wasn’t perfect, and they became increasingly arrogant over time – as every government does.

That said, they at least showed a basic commitment to acting in the interests of Canadians, particularly by putting more money in the people’s pockets, and bringing some logic back to the criminal justice system and our foreign policy. At the very least, the Harper government helped represent more of the views of the true Canadian people, not just the establishment media and globalist elites.

Yet under Trudeau, we are witnessing an unprecedented effort to concentrate wealth and power in the elite class, and it’s led by two elitists themselves. Trudeau & Morneau have no connection and no understanding of middle class and working class Canadians, and they couldn’t care less about the vast majority of the Canadian people.

Their effort to use threats to shutdown tough questions, and their repeated ethics issues are only the outer manifestation of their massive entitlement and arrogance, and MP Strahl did a great service by standing up for the Opposition and all Canadians who weren’t given the immense privileges enjoyed by Trudeau & Morneau.

It truly is the Canadian people vs the elites.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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