WATCH: Condescending Moneybags Morneau Tries Dismissing Questions About Father’s Sale Of Shares

Arrogance personified.

Bill Moneybags Morneau has become the personification of arrogance and elitism in government.

His repeated condescending responses and the numerous ethics issues surrounding him have made Moneybags the most unpopular federal minister in the current government, and it’s only getting worse.

Now, he is facing questions about his father’s sale of 200,000 Morneau Shepell shares days before Moneybags announced tax changes.

Watch Morneau’s condescending “answer” below:


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An arrogant elitist unfit to serve as Finance Minister

As time goes on, more and more Canadians are seeing Bill Morneau as a self-serving and arrogant elitist, and as a result he has lost the trust of the vast majority of citizens.

His attempts to use threats of lawsuits and brazen arrogance can’t distract from the fact that almost nobody believes anything that comes out of his mouth.

A Finance Minister must have the trust of the people, and having lost that beyond any shadow of a doubt, Bill Morneau must go.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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