Canada’s Top General Says Government Isn’t Even Talking About Having Canada Join The U.S. Missile Shield

Why not?

Despite the rising range and power of North Korea’s ballistic missiles, Canada’s top general says the government isn’t even talking to the United States about joining the missile defence program.

According to a recent report, “While the Canadian military is preparing to work with the U.S. on upgrading North America’s aging defences, Canada’s top general says there have been absolutely no talks about joining its ballistic-missile shield program. Chief of defence staff Gen. Jonathan Vance’s comments come amid swirling questions over Canada’s potential involvement in ballistic-missile defence, particularly given rampant concerns about North Korea.”

This is absurd.

What point is there in “upgrading” North America’s defences if we don’t have a defence against a nuclear missile attack?

Once again, it seems the Canadian government – and both main parties are to blame over the long-term – seems to be “defending” our country on the cheap.

That said, the Trudeau government should realize that the situation is even more dire now, as the threat from North Korea – and potentially Iran down the road – escalates.

Vance tried to downplay those concerns, saying “What I am happy about is we’re going to take a holistic view of the military defence of the continent over the next 20 to 50 years. What is occurring out there that could come here in a military way that could impact the safety and security of Canadians, and in the Norad context, of Americans as well?”

Of course, missile defence obviously needs to be part of that “holistic view.”

In fairness to Vance, he has to do what the Trudeau government tells him. Though he can’t admit it, I would bet that he sees a need to protect the Canadian people with a strong missile defence program.

Canadians need to keep pressuring the government to provide us with the most powerful defences possible. After all, it’s far better to be over-prepared for war and violence, instead of being caught off guard when it’s already too late.

Spencer Fernando

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Our military could start defending Canada by removing the Liberal Government and appoint sane intelligent people instead of the bunch of clowns we now have. That goes for all parties. Our political system desperately needs an overhaul to democracy.