Globalist Trudeau Wants China To Buy Up More Of Canada

Upcoming trip will further the globalist agenda of weakening national sovereignty and taking ownership of our country away from Canadians.

Justin Trudeau will soon be on a trip to China, where it is expected that he will seek what the establishment press is calling “deeper economic ties” between us and the Communist state.

Concerningly, a CP report says part of the trip will be about “attracting more Chinese investment to Canada.”

Unfortunately, the Trudeau government, and various provincial governments – have already shown themselves willing to bow down to China, while leaving our nation open to economic colonization.

Sensitive national security companies have been taken, much of Vancouver is unaffordable to Canadian citizens because foreign millionaires and billionaires (many from China) have been allowed to buy it all up, and more and more of our country is being taken away.

It’s essential to point out that foreign investment from China is very different from other nations. Because of the total domination imposed by the Chinese Communist Party, when an investor from China or a Chinese company takes over a Canadian company, it’s really the brutal authoritarian Communist Party taking it over.

This damages our national sovereignty, and puts more of our economy under the domination of a foreign power, rather than having Canadians own our businesses.

This has serious consequences, and it’s already been reported that China wants to import Chinese citizens to our country as workers as part of any trade deal, in what would be a devastating blow to Canadian workers.

The fact that Trudeau wants more investment from China, instead of pushing for more Canadian ownership, shows that our country is about to get sold out even worse – which is exactly how the globalists want it. They hope for the weakening of the nation state and the weakening of our citizens. Trudeau is more than happy to oblige that dangerous agenda.

As a result, any deal that gives China more access to buying up our country – which is what Trudeau is looking for – will represent a massive betrayal of our country, and must be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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