WATCH: Full Question Period Battle Between Pierre Poilievre & Elitist Moneybags Morneau

Poilievre demands answers for Canadians, while Moneybags says he’s “disgusted” by opposition attacks.

With ethical questions piling up for Bill Moneybags Morneau, the battle in the House of Commons has been escalating.

Poilievre has been demanding answers, while Moneybags keeps doing everything possible to evade direct responses.

Watch a full 6 minutes of Conservative Finance Critic – quickly developing a reputation as a tough questioner, and Bill Morneau – who is quickly developing a reputation as the most unpopular Finance Minister in a long time:

It’s funny that Moneybags is trying to play the victim, especially his use of the term “disgusted.”

It’s an old tactic, trying to muster up fake outrage and turn a legitimate attack back on the opposition in an attempt to distract.

Of course, people can see past it. Canadians are the ones disgusted by the arrogance and elitism of Morneau, Trudeau, and the entire federal government, and every time Moneybags dodges legit questions he only makes it worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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Marneau’s nose will be hanging over his desk soon! Him And Trudeau can lie so well…pathetic..

Wendy Lush

God I wish Pierre Poilievre was Prime Minister. Now that’s a MAN. Honest, smart, no-nonsense, patriotic (when did Justin ever use that word).

We desperately need to get back to our Canadian roots and values – and fast. We need to put Canada first.


we can easily see the intelligent knowledge of poilievre compare to the libtard moneybag . how could we have such an dum dum as finance disaster . people sure don’t know what they vote for . they just vote to say that they had vote .